5 Ways to Use Periscope for your Direct Sales Business

5 Ways to Use Periscope for your Direct Sales Business

Using Periscope for your Direct Sale Business

Ok sisters, have you downloaded Periscope? I know the application only came out in March but it is time for you to download this baby and start at least lurking around to see what all the buzz about. You truly need to hear how you can use Periscope for your Direct Sales business. Since joining Periscope a little over a month ago, my engagement on all of my platforms has sky rocketed, so you can imagine, my wheels have been non stop turning coming up with ways for all of you to use it in your Direct Sales business. I can honestly tell you, that I am having more fun with this platform than I have had with any social media platform in a very long time.

Now some of you will probably be thinking there is no flipping way that I am going to get on camera live and the other half of you are already jumping on live stream without even checking it out. First things first, take some time to look around Periscope. There are definitely some right and wrong ways of using it for your business. I truly believe Periscope for your Direct Sales business could take it to another level, but you have to take the time like you would with anything new, understand how it works and come up with a strategy.

Below are 5 ways that I have thought of just in the last few days that you can use Periscope for your Direct Sales business and stand out among the rest of the Direct Sales consultants out there.

1. Periscope Virtual Parties

Oh yeah. Facebook parties have been on the rise for a few years now but why not take it to the next level and do a virtual party using Periscope. I truly believe video sets every thing apart. When you add a live stream to an already cool way of having a direct sales party, you really set the bar high. Picture this. You create a Facebook event, as you  normally would. Invite your hostess, invite all of your guests. Give them a time, and instead of just posting pictures, posts and snippets, you can actually have a live stream. What is even cooler about this is yes, you can invite your hostesses guests, but you can keep in on public and other people could come to the party too, making it even more fun. Keep watching for my virtual party stream soon, where you can check out exactly how I do it and see if it is something that would work for you.

Periscope Training

2. Periscope Product Launches

Do you have a new catalog coming out? Were you able to get your hands on new products? Post on your fan page that you will be having a live Persicope stream to show off all the new products. You can really get people excited if you are jumping up and down on a live stream. Of course an in person launch party always is the best way to go, but if you want to reach people across the country and even people who might not be your customers yet, what a great way to build some excitement.

3. Periscope Opportunity Nights.

This is truly one of my favorites. My team and I already to 1-2 Opportunity Nights a month using Facebook and Spreecast, but how about PERISCOPE? Yes not only would you have people on the broadcast that you invited. When the feed pushes to twitter, anyone of your followers who sees it could potentially join in and find out all about your business opportunity from the comfort of you own home. You can answer questions right on the spot, get people excited, have your team join in. WOW Just think of the possibilities.

4. Welcoming New Consultants.

Our team has something called Charm School. This is our new consultant training. So now we will be incorporating Periscope as a way to welcome new consultants to the team. They will be able to click on the feed and see their up line right up close. They will be able to ask questions and more importantly, I will be able to call out their name, welcome them and get them excited about starting their new business.

5. Convention

Do you have people that just can’t make convention? Now you can stream snippets and keep them involved. Yes use Periscope to broadcast break out sessions, key notes, team meet ups, your founders on stage and more. This keeps your team active, involved and excited about convention season even though they can’t be there.

Periscope Tips

I have a ton more exciting ways for you to use Periscope for your Direct Sales business. What do you think? Doesn’t this new platform sound amazing? Are you ready to get started? Follow me on my Instagram page at www.Instagram.com/jilleysue for tons of Instagram and Periscope tips as well as on Periscope itself @Jilleysue. I do 1-3 Periscopes a day and give lots of information on how Direct Sellers can use this new amazing tool for their business. ┬áI want to hear what you think about Periscope. Post your thoughts below or ask me questions on the Instagram page. I would love to hear what you think. Don’t miss all my #girlbosstips and for all the tips search for the hashtag #jilleyscopetips. Can’t wait to see you over there on JilleysueTV

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