6 Organization Tips To Get your Origami Owl Business in Check

6 Organization Tips To Get your Origami Owl Business in Check

 Adding an Origami Owl business into your busy life is both exciting and stressful in many ways.  Many new designers find that merging your family obligations, work and outside activities along with business can be a balancing act.  Here are 6 great tips to help you get organized in your Origami Owl business and help you blend everything together! It will be like Martha Stewart came to visit for a day or at least stopped by.

1. Purchase a day planner that has an address book section, calendar and memo pad contained within it. If you look around online, you will find a few companies that sell day planners that are specifically made for a direct sales business. Of course everyone knows I am a HUGE Erin Condren fan but really any planner will do.

Use your day planner to schedule out your parties, order submission deadlines, schedule in networking events, etc. They are great planners to use while being mobile with your home business.  Only use 1 planner for everything you do.  Do not try and have a planner for business and one for family – it rarely works and will just cause more frustration!

2. Almost all online email accounts have some type of calendar and reminder service connected to it. Set one up and have daily and/or weekly business reminders sent to you on important dates and events that you need to remember. Have the calendar send updates via text and email. You can open a calendar app for your phone and it will link to your calendar. This is a must to stay organized. Too much is going on in our live and we will forget with out this.

3. Enter in your customers email addresses, phone numbers and other important information via your online email address contact book (available via your email provider). Even though you may have this information written down, it’s smart to have an electronic copy too! Once you enter them in. Always add special notes to help you remember everyone. I do this with my team. I write down notes about their family members or things going on so that I can remember when we chat during one on one coaching calls.

4. Come up with a schedule on when you will be working on your direct sales business and block off those chunks of time on your work schedule. While it’s okay to be flexible with your work schedule, it’s important to try to stick to the schedule you have set up so that your work gets done. Keep your schedule handy and visible as a constant reminder that you need to spend time working on promoting and managing your home business.

5. Set up an area in your home where you can have a desk or a work station. Purchase or re-purpose organizing desk supplies, a file cabinet and other business necessities. Keep your work area organized and clutter-free, so that you never waste time looking for something that you can’t find.

Origami owl office

 6.  Take work with you so that when you have down time, like waiting at the doctor’s office, watching the kids game, or waiting for them at play group or sport practice, you can use that time to work on aspects of your business.  Thank goodness for smart phones!  You can do a lot while waiting and be that much further ahead.

Being organized will mean that your Origami Owl  business is flowing smoothly and everything is under control. Less stress in your business and family life will reflect positively all around!

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