6 Super Tips to Building a Successful Origami Owl Team

6 Super Tips to Building a Successful Origami Owl Team

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While you always want to put your customer first, you can’t forget about your team as well. Having a well trained team selling can account for half of your income. Your down line is one of the most important parts of direct sales.

A good team member usually won’t take up too much of your time. Aside from a few questions here  and there, the hardest working down line members are busy working their business and training themselves.

However, it is important to remember that even if they don’t ask you for help, they may  need it. Make sure you are paying attention to all of your team, not just the ones contacting you.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep motivation up, and let your down line know you are behind them 100%.


TEAM NEWSLETTERS: Do you have information or tips to give? Organize them in a simple newsletter. This can be monthly, weekly or random but it needs to be consistent.  Include expert articles designed to help motivate and train your team. You can also include a summary of your meetings as well if you have them local for those people that couldn’t make it.

TEAM INCENTIVES: Hold a monthly contest for the most sales, the most engagement on the team page or something similar. This helps boost your won income, while getting your team motivated at the same time.

GIVE A PERSONAL TOUCH: Don’t forget about birthdays, holidays and other special days. Keep good track of these important dates and include your down line members on your card giving list. The extra note will help them know that they are important to you.

TEAM BLOG OR FACEBOOK GROUP: A great way to keep in contact with everyone. There are many different ways you can set this up to fit your needs. You can give all team members access to make posts or you can have it set up where they only leave comments, ask questions etc. You can keep your blog or page private so only yourself and your team members have access. Its a great way to help your team feel part of something.

TEAM TRAINING: Part of your responsibilities as a mentor and leader is to train your team members on the specifics of building their business. One way you can do this is to hold face to face team members with local team members. Use meetings to help with ideas for each other. You can also do team webinars or conference calls. Holding monthly meetings to talk about the month is a great way to help everyone as a whole. Talk about who sold what and where, any special tips anyone might like to share. Its a great time to answer questions as well.

TEACH BY EXAMPLE: If you aren’t selling products yourself, this needs to be at the top of your list. Just as children pick up things from their parents, your team is doing the same.

There are many ways to help motivate and train your Origami Owl Team, Just remember, they are working just as hard for you as they are working for themselves.

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