Welcome to SparklingLockets.com! I am the Owner, Leader, Social Media Strategist and Thought Leader behind this amazing site, but how did it all come about?
I am originally from Maine. You know that place with the famous blue sign, “The way life should be.” I never ever thought I would leave the small state but I truly believe life lead me away so that I would truly appreciate where I am from. Maine is slower, colder and way different than any state I have ever been but the people are genuine, friendly and truly love their great state. When I visit during the holidays or Summer, I truly appreciate every minute.

I moved to South Florida about 14 years ago. What was supposed to be a 2 year hiatus soon became a good job, palm trees, warm weather and no snow. 2 weeks after moved to South Florida I applied for a job that I found in the newspaper for a large financial services company and stayed there for ……yes 14 years. As you can probably guess, I don’t like change much. The 2 year hiatus where I agreed to move to warm weather but only to a place where I had family. That city was Fort Lauderdale. Soon after we got to sunny Florida, my significant other decided it wasn’t for him but because I am the type to stick to what I commit to, I stayed. That 2 years has turned quickly into 14 and here I am.
As a young girl, I didn’t play with dolls much. You could often find me with a note pad and an old desk phone or calculator playing “Office”. I laugh about that now since even at 7 or 8, I must have known then that I was going to love business. I always took jobs or went in the direction of leadership. I truly love it but owning my own business seemed like a far fetched dream. Living in Florida and my entire family being in Maine, I was really missing being with friends and family. I started reading about different Direct Sales companies not as a way to pay my bills but for a way to meet new people and connect. I lied to myself for many months
that I was “actually working the business”, but in all honesty I signed up and was using the company for exactly what I planned on. I was making friends and doing those “busy” tasks like making flyers and cleaning my office to make me believe that I had a real business. What I had was credit card bills where I was buying myself the products and a drawer full unused flyers. I did a couple of parties, but hated every minute of it. On to the next kit. Sound familiar? Yes I signed up for 3 or 4 direct sales companies before I found the one that worked for me. Oh yes, like many of you I was a kit napper lol.
Back when party planning and direct sales first started becoming popular, there was one blueprint of how it all had to be done. You would sign up and hunt down every single person you knew. You would bring all of your business to their homes and you would have 3-4 hour presentations sharing how amazing your product and business opportunity was. I still
remember my mom have Home Interior parties and just loving everyone at our house for 3-4 hours. Then network marketing started to make a rise in which a few bad apples gave people the wrong idea about our industry. When I first started, my first mistake was that I basically spun a wheel and picked a company that I that I knew had a great reputation. Great way to choose, you would think. However although the company I chose is amazing, I am the last person who is ever going to be passionate about cooking. No, I was not blessed with the amazing family cooking gene. I was miserable and after 2 parties, hung up my spatula. The next two, yes same idea. Once the kit was unpacked, I soon lost my spark for as well. I couldn’t even imagine sharing fake excitement for these products and let’s not forget the fact that I had to pretend I wasn’t embarrassed about the industry’s bad rap. But then it all changed.
First I found a company that I was excited to tell people about and I adopted the attitude, “I love these products, they are awesome and I want to share them with everyone. If you don’t like them, that’s ok, I’ll share them with the next person.” Right then, I started promoting to new titles, earn awards, gaining confidence and realized that was the key. To stop selling and start sharing.
At the same time as I started figuring out the key to becoming successful in Direct Sales, I was learning Social Media. We were all obsessed with My Space and Facebook had just taken off. I because obsessed with how this all worked and connecting with my family and friends in Maine. But then, wait a minute……..Could I really connect with people I didn’t know? And oh my gosh, Could I leverage this new Social Media craze in my Direct Sales Business. From that point on I have never looked back. I began learning everything I could and attaching myself to the best of the best in the Social Media and online marketing space to use in my Direct Sales business. From online blogging to mailing lists, to Facebook and Pinterest and everything in between. I use all of the techniques and tactics in my Origami Owl business and teach what I have learned to my team of designers.
After 14 years at my job and 10 years dabbling in Direct Sales, I was able to retire from corporate American and can officially say I work from home. There is nothing more rewarding than traveling to Maine to be with my family, speaking at Direct Sales events or working from the comfort of my bed surrounded by my cuddly Great Dane and 3 Dachshunds. In todays’ day you can work this business however you want.
I knew Social Media was going to be a new way to connect with people all around the world and still use my leadership skills to train other people how they canstay home with their kids and still pay their bills and live a life they have always wanted. Direct Sales will always be about providing a great product, sharing it and offering a business opportunity to people, but now with online marketing and how we connect, we have so many more opportunities to offer this amazing way of life to so many more people. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to work from home, be a trainer, a friend, a coach, a leader, a traveler, a volunteer all wrap in one and still be able to pay my bills and do the things I want to do. I was a doubter like most people and now I truly know that I was lead down this path to help others live the life of their dreams. And now……that Is what I do every single day. Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk in my own business and help other business owners learn techniques to build relationships and grow their business.
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