Be Sure You Are Everyone’s Origami Owl Designer Forever

Be Sure You Are Everyone’s Origami Owl Designer Forever

When we join a direct sales business most of the time it is with the intent to make money.  Although, some people may join or create a business to stay busy, or meet new people, or increase their circle of influence. I think it is safe to say that most people do not create a business to lose money.  But in order to make money, customers and consistent orders are the first method in making money.  Having a loyal customer base is important to help with that consistency. You will want to be know as THEIR Origami Owl Lady or Man.

So how do you build that customer base that will help your business grow?  We have some tips here to help your Origami Owl business.

  • When it comes to building a loyal Origami Owl customer base, you have to always remember to be the constant business professional and to always offer your customers the best customer service possible. 
  • Your customers will expect you to remain in contact with them, but you have to walk a fine line between contacting them too much and not enough. You have to strike the perfect balance and contact them in the manner that they prefer, which may not be the method that you prefer. 
  • When customers place orders with you, it is your job to submit that order in a timely fashion and to arrange delivery of their items as quick as possible. Just like any customer ordering something from a retail store, they expect their purchases to arrive quickly and in perfect condition.
  • Make their order extra special. Add extra special touches so that your customers feel special and remember you. Origami Owl Customer
  • If a problem does arise, it is how YOU handle it that will make all of the difference on whether a customer leaves or stays with you. When a problem is brought to your attention, handle it professionally and quickly. Once it has been corrected, follow up with the customer to make sure they are now completely satisfied with their purchase. 

Building and adding to your Origami Owl customer base is the real heart of your business. For any business to grow, make money and be profitable, you must work on the customer service aspect of your business all of the time and continue to make improvements as you go along.  Be know as the ORIGAMI OWL lady or man and keep your customers coming back to you forever.



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