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Fall Marketing Tips and Ideas for your Origami Owl Business


Now is the time all designers are looking for fall marketing tips to separate themselves from everyone else. The official start to Fall is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to start thinking about your marketing plan for the upcoming season. As the seasons change, your marketing focus for your Origami Owl business needs to shift too.Continue Reading

Top Points To Discuss During Origami Owl Host Coaching


One of the most important parts about direct sales party like your Jewelry Bar is taking the time to properly coach your hostess. Your hostess is the key to a successful party.  What is a successful party? One that will make you the income and bookings you expected and at the same time give the hostess all of the rewards that she is looking for too.Continue Reading

4 Challenges and their Solutions of Booking Home Parties


Booking Home Parties can one of the biggest challenges in the Direct Sales Industry. There are challenges in life to just about everything we do and that includes business. Just like everything else, building a home business takes a lot of hard work and that includes coming up with strategic solutions to the many problems you face. Continue Reading

Fill Your Origami Owl Business Calendar with Holiday Bookings

 Holiday Bookings for Your Origami Owl Business One of the best times of year to be booking jewelry bars for your Origami Owl business happens to be right Christams fo course. Big surprise right?  As as get closer to the Christmas holiday, shoppers begin scrambling for ways to come up with all of those muchContinue Reading

The Origami Owl Tic-Tac-Toe Hostess Challenge Game

When you focus on making a jewelry bar a fun experience for a hostess is when they become a VIP customer, hostess and hopefully a member of your team.  Many designers come up with games for the jewelry bar guests, but how about challenging your hostess to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe? This game is superContinue Reading

Are you in an Origami Owl Booking Slump?

Needing ideas for booking parties?!?? Here are a few suggestions to get you going! 1. Host your own party! There are several pluses to this…#1 you reap the consultant and hostess rewards #2 you can book parties from your own party #3 you can show people how easy it is for them to start theirContinue Reading

What Do I Put in My Origami Owl Hostess Packets?


So you just booked an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, and now your mind is going a million miles an hour trying to figure out what to do next. First once I get home, I always send a thank you card in the mail. The card basically says thank you for booking a jewelry bar with me. It makes your new hostess feel special and reconfirms that fact that that will be having party. Next is the infamous Origami Owl Hostess Packets. I always send this a few days later. This way, your hostess is getting continuous contact from you. You don’t want to let a lot of time pass with no contact. It is an out of site out of mind type of thing. You need to keep her excited. I find that if you stay in contact they don’t stress about throwing a party. You are able to reassure her that you will take care of everything and that your main concern is that she has a great time with her girlfriends.
Continue Reading

4 Jewelry Bar Booking Tips for your Origami Owl Business

  Most direct sales businesses use home parties as the basis for selling product, finding team members and growing the overall business.  Origaml Owl is no different.  Being successful at booking parties is an important skill and but even the best can hit a dry spell now and then.   Here are four booking tips toContinue Reading

Origami Owl Starts Hostess Exclusives 2013

Yes its true. Origami Owl has started special items called Hostess Exclusives just for our amazing hostesses. I am sure you have heard all about it, but have you actually seen this prize pack?  The higher your Origami Owl jewelry bar total, the higher the discount of this amazing package.  This program makes it easyContinue Reading

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