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Promotions and Specials for all your favorite Origami Owl Jewelry

What is Origami Owl?


Origami Owl is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in history, earning a ton of awards and still going strong. We were first established in 2010, by 14 year old at the time Bella. Bella had a goal to purchase her own car on her 16th birthday. Well she got her Jeep dream car and so much more.Continue Reading

Origami Owl Designers Get to Soar To Success


The key to a great start in this industry is getting started right. Origami Owl Designers get to Soar to Success with our quick start program. It is common in direct sales for there to be this type of program but the Origami Owl Soar to Success Program gets me and my team really excited. Origami Owl® truly is committed to the success of their designers. Soar to Success gives new designers a chance to earn over $450 in jewelry and business supplies during their first 90 days!Continue Reading

The Truth About These Origami Owl Reviews


I love going to Google and typing in “Origami Owl Reviews” and reading what people are typing about our company. There are one of two things that pop up. The first one is someone selling something else but are trying to lure in people looking for Origami Owl and the second set is people venting about Origami Owl who may have had a bad experience. I had to write a blog post to give another point of view just because both sets of really bother me. Time to help potential business owners or customers see through the yuckiness.Continue Reading

New Origami Owl Fall Products 2014


It has been 10 days since the Origami Owl Fall Products launch and everyone is just giddy over the fall selling season. If you haven’t seen everything that is here for the Fall, here is the best chance to see everything all at once and get as excited as we are. Click here or the Endless Possibilities picture below. You won’t believe everything that has launched for this fall. Take a look.Continue Reading

Huge Origami Owl Summer Special


WOW! Look at this Origami Owl Summer Special

I get so excited about my business that I quickly post special on my Facebook Fan page but I often forget to blog about them for all of you that are following us here. This year we have a huge Origami Owl Summer Special going on.Continue Reading

March Incentives for Becoming an Origami Owl Consultant


March is the month to become and Origami Owl consultant. Why? Because we are having amazing incentives this month. Origami Owl is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies because of the love for these amazing personalized locketsContinue Reading

Ideas for Marketing Your Origami Owl Business During Holidays

Ideas for Promoting Seasonal Sales in Your Origami Owl Business You can make your Origami Owl business really shine during the holidays. Be the Origami Owl Independent Designer that really stands out with a business that showcases the holidays. Customers love promotions and with the amount of seasonal opportunities to promote, you have a minimumContinue Reading

Marketing Origami Owl to Moms

Moms love Origami Owl and therefor our product makes the perfect gift especially around mother’s day.They also are a great candidate for hosting jewelry bars with their friends and they really make the perfect Origami Owl Designer. It is the idea home business opportunity for them. Moms are always on the go, but they love being fashionable. What a great way to do just that by having affordable jewelry that they can tell a family story with. What Mom wouldn’t love a locket that people ask her about. We all know that Moms love to talk about their families and their kids and their pets. They are proud of their family and even when they aren’t with them Origami Owl allows them to keep their loved ones close to their heart.Continue Reading

Every Order in Your Origami Owl Locket Business is a VIP

Every Order Counts in your Origami Owl Locket Business Even one Origami Owl Locket sale is a sale. They are all important and need to be treated with extra special care to build your business. In any direct sales business there are issues with small orders due to the cost of the products you areContinue Reading

Origami Owl Black Friday Special

Origami Owl Black Friday Special Get your holiday shopping started early with amazing Origami Owl Discounts on products. Send me a message to be added to our secret VIP Facebook Group for extra special deals and discounts that will start Wednesday evening at 6 pm. Looking for those gifts early. Join me on our FacebookContinue Reading

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