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Top Origami Owl Customer Service Tips


Separating yourself and proving amazing Origami Owl Customer Service can be the difference between a one time customer and someone who stays with you and knows you as the locket lady for life. The later will refer all her family and friends to you forever. Not only will you have one customer, you will have that person’s entire network of connections to grow your Origami Owl business. Making your customers feel special and providing just a little extra effort can go a long way.Continue Reading

How to Handle Tough Origami Owl Customer Issues

Handling Origami Owl Customer Issues Every once in a while you will come across an Origami Owl customer or party host that is hard to work with. That is normal with any business, large or small. It is how you deal with these particular types of customers that will determine the outcome with the situation.Continue Reading

Origami Owl Customer Phone Follow Up Tips

Tips to having amazing Origami Owl Customer Phone Calls In any direct sales business much of our work is completed over the phone and here is where we must make that Origami Owl customer feel amazingly important.  We contact our hostesses and work with our customers or orders and customer service fulfillment.  Making sure thatContinue Reading

Every Order in Your Origami Owl Locket Business is a VIP

Every Order Counts in your Origami Owl Locket Business Even one Origami Owl Locket sale is a sale. They are all important and need to be treated with extra special care to build your business. In any direct sales business there are issues with small orders due to the cost of the products you areContinue Reading

Follow Up is the Key to a Huge Origami Owl Business Customer Base

In our Origami Owl businesses,  our products can often become the focus of our attention.  We know we need a booking and that sale to keep the business moving along.  While that may all be well and true, your focus really needs to be on your #1 product – your customers.  Without them, you haveContinue Reading

Enthusiasm Is Contagious When Building Your Origami Owl Business

Think back to the last home party that you attended where you had a really good time and actually wanted to book a party.  Remember one?  Chances are the key factor in having a great time was that the consultant was enthusiastic, fun and truly excited about spending time with you.  Am I pretty close?Continue Reading

Setting Yourself Apart From Other Origami Owl Designers

Direct sales can be a very competitive business especially when we know everyone loves Origami Owl and many people will be starting their Origami Owl businesses. With that said, you can still have a successful business by setting yourself apart from all of the other designers in your neighborhood by following these important tips. Don’tContinue Reading

Be Sure You Are Everyone’s Origami Owl Designer Forever

When we join a direct sales business most of the time it is with the intent to make money.  Although, some people may join or create a business to stay busy, or meet new people, or increase their circle of influence. I think it is safe to say that most people do not create aContinue Reading

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