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Information about the Direct Sales Industry, How it Works and Why for some many people its a perfect fit.

Create Long Lasting Friendships With Your Direct Sales Business


Never in a million years did I expect Direct Sales to bring to my life what it has. People often state they don’t have anything in common with their friends as they grow older. As we age, we often see our friendships change and many times we will develop new ones that are geared towards our new and common interests. Have you found yourself in a position like this? It is certainly not uncommon.
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Ideas for Marketing Your Origami Owl Business During Holidays

Ideas for Promoting Seasonal Sales in Your Origami Owl Business You can make your Origami Owl business really shine during the holidays. Be the Origami Owl Independent Designer that really stands out with a business that showcases the holidays. Customers love promotions and with the amount of seasonal opportunities to promote, you have a minimumContinue Reading

Origami Owl Customer Phone Follow Up Tips

Tips to having amazing Origami Owl Customer Phone Calls In any direct sales business much of our work is completed over the phone and here is where we must make that Origami Owl customer feel amazingly important.  We contact our hostesses and work with our customers or orders and customer service fulfillment.  Making sure thatContinue Reading

Every Order in Your Origami Owl Locket Business is a VIP

Every Order Counts in your Origami Owl Locket Business Even one Origami Owl Locket sale is a sale. They are all important and need to be treated with extra special care to build your business. In any direct sales business there are issues with small orders due to the cost of the products you areContinue Reading

The Key to Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media

Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media: The Recipe As you begin your Origami Owl journey, there are many pieces to making your business successful. There are three parts to it all. Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media. First and foremost, you must get the basics of the Origami Owl business down. Things suchContinue Reading

Follow Up is the Key to a Huge Origami Owl Business Customer Base

In our Origami Owl businesses,  our products can often become the focus of our attention.  We know we need a booking and that sale to keep the business moving along.  While that may all be well and true, your focus really needs to be on your #1 product – your customers.  Without them, you haveContinue Reading

Strong Traits and Skills of a Successful Origami Owl Leader Part 1

Remember back when you were looking for the perfect direct sales business to join? You had a ton of questions and had found the perfect leader that was patient and helped you learn everything you needed to become successful in your business.  Then you found Origami Owl and you spent some time just learning theContinue Reading

Enthusiasm Is Contagious When Building Your Origami Owl Business

Think back to the last home party that you attended where you had a really good time and actually wanted to book a party.  Remember one?  Chances are the key factor in having a great time was that the consultant was enthusiastic, fun and truly excited about spending time with you.  Am I pretty close?Continue Reading

6 Organization Tips To Get your Origami Owl Business in Check

 Adding an Origami Owl business into your busy life is both exciting and stressful in many ways.  Many new designers find that merging your family obligations, work and outside activities along with business can be a balancing act.  Here are 6 great tips to help you get organized in your Origami Owl business and helpContinue Reading

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