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Ideas and Tips to Rock your Origami Owl business right from the day you join

Origami Owl Designers Get to Soar To Success


The key to a great start in this industry is getting started right. Origami Owl Designers get to Soar to Success with our quick start program. It is common in direct sales for there to be this type of program but the Origami Owl Soar to Success Program gets me and my team really excited. Origami Owl® truly is committed to the success of their designers. Soar to Success gives new designers a chance to earn over $450 in jewelry and business supplies during their first 90 days!Continue Reading

How to Get Ready for Your Origami Owl Launch Party

One of the first things I tell my new team members when they join Origami Owl, even before they receive their kit is to start planning their launch party. The launch party can be very simple and is merely the way to let all of you friends and family know you have started a newContinue Reading

It’s Official, I am an Origami Owl Designer – What to do next?

Wooo Hooo! It is official! You got through the Origami Owl wait list, your invitation came, you purchased your kit and now you are officially an Origami Owl consultant, what we call Origami Owl Designers. You are bursting with excitement and I am bursting for you. It is such a fun time and you shouldContinue Reading

What Comes in the Origami Owl Starter Kit? (Updated)

3.7 / 5 ( 3 votes ) The Origami Owl Starter Kit (Updated August 2014) Two Origami Owl Starter Kits NOW!! Basics $149 and NEW DELUXE KIT FOR $399. Read More Below! The Origami Owl Starter Kit is just a piece of why people get giddy over this company. People are extremely excited about theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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