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What Do I Put in My Origami Owl Hostess Packets?


So you just booked an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, and now your mind is going a million miles an hour trying to figure out what to do next. First once I get home, I always send a thank you card in the mail. The card basically says thank you for booking a jewelry bar with me. It makes your new hostess feel special and reconfirms that fact that that will be having party. Next is the infamous Origami Owl Hostess Packets. I always send this a few days later. This way, your hostess is getting continuous contact from you. You don’t want to let a lot of time pass with no contact. It is an out of site out of mind type of thing. You need to keep her excited. I find that if you stay in contact they don’t stress about throwing a party. You are able to reassure her that you will take care of everything and that your main concern is that she has a great time with her girlfriends.
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Origami Owl Starts Hostess Exclusives 2013

Yes its true. Origami Owl has started special items called Hostess Exclusives just for our amazing hostesses. I am sure you have heard all about it, but have you actually seen this prize pack?  The higher your Origami Owl jewelry bar total, the higher the discount of this amazing package.  This program makes it easyContinue Reading

Origami Owl Hostesses Make The Perfect Recruits

Of course selling Origami Owl will bring us home a good paycheck but a very good second stream of income is made when you recruit other people to your team and help them build their own Origami Owl Business.  Take a look at the perfect candidates, Origami Owl Hostesses make the perfect recruits. Now IContinue Reading

How To Coach Your Jewelry Bar Hostess

Since Party Planning first began, the home party or a jewelry bar as Origami Owl refers to them have been the integral part of a successful direct sales business. When someone books a jewelry bar with you, connecting with your hostess begins the moment you set a date with her and from that point onContinue Reading

How to Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

How to Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar The Origami Owl jewelry bar is a girl’s night out with the hottest Origami Owl jewelry.  When you decide to host an Origami Owl jewelry bar, we will bring all of the jewelry to display them in the comfort of your home. You may choose whether youContinue Reading

Booking Origami Owl Jewelry Bars for Your Business

Booking Origami Owl Jewelry Bars Booking Origami Owl Jewelry Bars is the number one key to success in your Origami Owl Business. Booking isn’t difficult! Since Origami Owl jewelry bars are fun, relaxing and all about the experience, why would anyone want to pass on the opportunity for some fun girl time? If you newContinue Reading

New Origami Owl Host Rewards

New Origami Owl Host Rewards: What Do You Get For Having an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar? Well they aren’t necessary new host rewards but they are new to most. Origami Owl put these updated host rewards in place back in August. They make it much easier for hostesses and designers to keep track of everythingContinue Reading

What is an Origami Owl Jewelry Party?

  Origami Owl Jewelry Parties are a fun way to bring a group of friends together, remember memories and celebrate you. I remember going to parties and being so bored and just wanting the catalog and order for so that I could see what fun things I wanted to buy. Beyond that, I just wanted to hangContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What is an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar?

It’s a brand new concept in the direct selling world, developed specially for Origami Owl. Our mobile Jewelry Bar can go anywhere, at any time – stylish, highly versatile and experiential for your guests! WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL? Perfect for reflecting every person’s unique style, Origami Owl Jewelry Bars feature the latest trends in customization jewelry.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

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