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Top 4 Sponsoring Tactics to Avoid in your Origami Owl Business


Believe it or not, aside from the abundance of information you can find online to help build your Origami Owl Business, there isn’t much to read about in regards to what NOT to do. Yes, I love the hundreds of lists I found when I first started in this industry of everything that I should do when I wanted to begin sharing the business opportunity but just as important that every designer should know are what you should never do. Sometimes in this business, we have to focus on the negative in order to be educated and know what works and what does not. There are some things that will quite frankly make a consultant look desperate or create that “sales person” cloud over them.Continue Reading

Get a Surprise Gift When you Join Origami Owl

Join Origami Owl and let me thank you with a special gift The time to join Origami Owl is now. It is a new year. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over and I know you have thought about having your own Origami Owl business. If you are here still reading this, thenContinue Reading

Origami Owl Designer Requirements

What it takes to be an Origami Owl Designer Joining Origami Owl and  becoming an Origami Owl Designer is a decision that is not made on whim.  Any one considering it, needs to understand that this is a business and needs to be treated as a business. Ordering an Origami Owl starter kit will notContinue Reading

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Leader For Your Origami Owl Business

If you are thinking about joining Origami Owl or any other direct sales business, there are some things to consider before signing on the bottom line. For many people, the person that will become your mentor and team leader is a very important choice in your new business.  If you are one of those thatContinue Reading

Origami Owl Designers in Waiting Update June 12, 2013

Check out my newest video update. What you all have been waiting for. What is going on with the Origami Owl Designers in Waiting?

Even Men Can Have A Successful Origami Owl Business

When people typically think of direct sales (home parties and door-to-door selling), they typically think of it as a women’s home business. However, more and more men are now flocking to direct sales due to the income potential, leadership roles and the ability to work their own desired hours. In the past, men typically went for maleContinue Reading

Up? My Origami Owl Wait List Number Is Suppose To Be Going Down!

Every day, I get at least 5-10 emails from Designers in Waiting asking me why their Origami Owl wait list number is going up? Usually the numbers bounce around a few digits up or down but when the wave of invites goes out that you are in, it will not affect anything. Currently our designerContinue Reading

6 Super Tips to Building a Successful Origami Owl Team

While you always want to put your customer first, you can’t forget about your team as well. Having a well trained team selling can account for half of your income. Your down line is one of the most important parts of direct sales. A good team member usually won’t take up too much of yourContinue Reading

I’m Not Joining, There are Too Many Origami Owl Designers Already

There is no such thing as saturation when it comes to Origami Owl Designers Its either a question or a statement always. People tell me they won’t join Origami Owl because in one year there are already too many Origami Owl Designers or ask if me how many designers are in an area. It kindContinue Reading

Change Your Life! Join Origami Owl Today!

Join Origami Owl and change your life I ask the same question at least ten times a day.  “Why are you waiting to join Origami Owl? Whether people are wanting to earn a little extra cash and start a full time home based business, Origami Owl is an amazing way to earn income. Our economyContinue Reading

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