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Tips, Tidbits and Information to help with every aspect of having a successful Origami Owl business.

How to Approach Strangers in Your Direct Sales Business


Do you know that I never ask people to book parties or if they want to buy my products? Nope never. Why? Because I focused on getting really good at having conversations instead of selling my products or trying to convince people why they absolutely had to have a party. Every body always asks me, “What do you say when you hand out catalogs or drawing slips? So many people tell them, “I just don’t know what to say to people or how to ask them to have a party.” I always tell my team good. You don’ t have to know what to say to people. What you need to do is get really good at asking people questions about themselves. Continue Reading

Top 4 Sponsoring Tactics to Avoid in your Origami Owl Business


Believe it or not, aside from the abundance of information you can find online to help build your Origami Owl Business, there isn’t much to read about in regards to what NOT to do. Yes, I love the hundreds of lists I found when I first started in this industry of everything that I should do when I wanted to begin sharing the business opportunity but just as important that every designer should know are what you should never do. Sometimes in this business, we have to focus on the negative in order to be educated and know what works and what does not. There are some things that will quite frankly make a consultant look desperate or create that “sales person” cloud over them.Continue Reading

Will Origami Owl Mexico Be the Next To Launch?

Keep watching for more upcoming news about Origami Owl Mexico. The buzz is Canada right now but rumor has it Origami Owl Mexico will be next. More to be posted soon. Continue Reading

Origami Owl Complaints and Reviews


Its true, you can’t please everyone in business but we can surely try. If you have an Origami Owl complaint or if you have not had the best experience in the past, please give your designer a chance to correct the issue. If you Origami Owl designer is no longer in the business, feel free to message me and I can guide you in the right direction or at least see if there is something we can do about the problem. I certainly can not promise anything but I would at least like to hear what happened, what went wrong and how myself or someone on my team can help you. Continue Reading

How Do I become an Origami Owl Designer in Canada?


Origami Owl is one of the world’s fastest growing direct sales companies and we are so excited. The day has come that Origami Owl will now be in Canada. How do you become one of the first designers in the entire country and be part of this chance in a lifetime? Print out the follow step sheet so that you are ready to be one of the first Origami Owl Designers in Canada.Continue Reading

Origami Owl Canada Wait List (Updated Feb, 4th, 2015)


The Origami Owl Canada Wait list is something that is put in place to be sure that when we launch in Canada, it is done in an organized manner. Just like when Origami Owl in the United States launched, a wait list had to be put in place to be sure all new designers had the best experience when they become official. Continue Reading

Origami Owl Canada Expansion


The day is finally here! We have announced the Origami Owl Canada Expansion. We have waited for almost 3 years to expand into other countries and Canada will be the first. Today many of our designers headed to our Spring Conferences: SOAR 2015 all across the United States. A huge roar across many of the arenas came when Origami Owl announced their plans today for our official launch into Canada. Continue Reading

What is Your Origami Owl Party Song for 2015?


I’m exhausted, I don’t know about you. I look forward to the holidays arriving really to have a few days to do nothing at all. But truth be told, even during Holiday down time, you need to be thinking about what you want to plan out for the coming year. You will need to think about where you want your life to be, where you want your business to be, and where you want to be overall.Continue Reading

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