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Tips, Tidbits and Information to help with every aspect of having a successful Origami Owl business.

Go Straight to The Top with Your Origami Owl Sponsor


There are millions of men and women that sign up for a direct sales style of business that have worked in the business before. So for them it may seem like they know everything that they need to create a decent business and make a successful living. However, working with your Origami Owl sponsor has many benefits. I feel that it is important that you build a professional relationship with your Origami Owl sponsor so that you can reap all of the business perks that come along with that relationship.Continue Reading

Believe in Your Origami Owl Business To Make The Difference


How long have you had your Origami Owl business? Do you have faith in this one and only company? If you have been in a direct sales business for a while, you may have experienced several stages of the business. Some consultants find themselves moving from business to business to try and find the magic fit. They are looking for the perfect product and team combination that will explode their down line and their sales. Continue Reading

How To Stay Calm When Origami Owl Products May Be Backordered


Every business has back-ordered products at one time or another. It happens even with Origami Owl Products when we have such amazing, things that we know are going to be popular. This can occur when there is a problem with delivery, quality or the product just outsells the projected amount. Whatever the reason, it is important that you handle Origami Owl products and back-orders with the utmost professionalism with your customers.Continue Reading

Should I Buy Gifts for my Origami Owl Team?


Leaders often feel compelled to buy their Origami Owl team gifts and rewards for a job well done. Some use gifts to inspire them to reach goals and new levels of achievement within their direct sales business. While using a gift can be beneficial for some in terms of recognition and reward, it can also be a waste of money in certain instances too. I think it all depends on the size of the reward and type if gift you are giving.Continue Reading

When to Pin on Pinterest


So many people ask me, ” Jilleysue, when do I pin on pinterest?” I am actually really glad that people ask me that question because they understand that timing is a real factor when it comes to pinning for business. You can have the best graphics around or the best blog content but it is not going to get any repins if no nobody sees what you are pinning. So in this post, I want to cover a few tips that will help you when trying to figure out when to pin your own custom content and repin others content.Continue Reading

Fall Marketing Tips and Ideas for your Origami Owl Business


Now is the time all designers are looking for fall marketing tips to separate themselves from everyone else. The official start to Fall is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to start thinking about your marketing plan for the upcoming season. As the seasons change, your marketing focus for your Origami Owl business needs to shift too.Continue Reading

Create Your 30 Second Commerical For Your Origami Owl Business


What do you think about when trying to explain your Origami Owl business? Have you ever found yourself meeting someone new and you fumbled for just the right thing to say when being introduced to them? It is natural for people to exchange brief information about their business or job when they have just met. When it is time to introduce yourself and business, you should really have a 30 second commercial or elevator speech memorized and ready to go. I always tell my team just explain your passion for Origami Owl and it will come natural.Continue Reading

Create Long Lasting Friendships With Your Direct Sales Business


Never in a million years did I expect Direct Sales to bring to my life what it has. People often state they don’t have anything in common with their friends as they grow older. As we age, we often see our friendships change and many times we will develop new ones that are geared towards our new and common interests. Have you found yourself in a position like this? It is certainly not uncommon.
Continue Reading

Top Tips For Origami Owl Leaders for Mentoring Your Team


Managing a team whether you are in a direct sales business or in a corporate business can be difficult. For some it is the hardest part of the job. You have to be able to deal with different personalities effectively and fairly at all times. Listening is a skill that you will develop and speaking to others in a non-confrontational manner is also crafted as you go. There is always something to learn regardless if you are a new leader or an experienced one.Continue Reading

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