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Protected: Learning and Understanding The Origami Owl Compensation Plan

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Origami Owl Designer Requirements

What it takes to be an Origami Owl Designer Joining Origami Owl and  becoming an Origami Owl Designer is a decision that is not made on whim.  Any one considering it, needs to understand that this is a business and needs to be treated as a business. Ordering an Origami Owl starter kit will notContinue Reading

Origami Owl Compensation Plan – How Do I Make Money?

The Origami Owl Compensation plan is amazing but sometimes compensation plans can get confusing. I am often asked, “How do I make money?”  From the second you sign on as a designer in waiting, you can start talking up your business. Talking to everyone about the new business you are starting will set up theContinue Reading

What Duties Is An Origami Owl Mentor Responsible For?

Recently I was asked what is the difference between an Origami Owl Designer and an Origami Owl Mentor?  Well an Origami Owl Designer is simply someone who decides to start their own Origami Owl business and sell our amazing custom jewelry. A designer becomes a mentor once they decide to start building their team, sponsorContinue Reading

Are You Considering Having Your Own Origami Owl Business?

Have you heard all the buzz about Origami Owl and are considering starting your own Origami Owl business? Well Congratulations on taking the first step in learning more about Origami Owl’s business opportunity. is a great place to find out the information you need so you can make the best decision possible about takingContinue Reading

Join Our Origami Owl Team

Success Starts Today! Join Our Origami Owl Team Origami Owl offers a fun and rewarding Home-Based Business opportunity no matter if you’re looking to earn a few hundred extra dollars or want to build a full-time income. You are your own boss and you set your own schedule. I am building the most amazing Origami Owl team and it hasContinue Reading

Origami Owl Career Plan – How Much Does An Origami Owl Designer Make?

Origami Owl Career Plan  The Origami Owl Career Plan is very generous, and created to help you build a real business.  There are all types of Origami Owl Designers differing by their goals and reasons to sell Origami Owl.  There is no way to determine the average Origami Owl commission check; it is as varied as the DesignersContinue Reading

What Comes in the Origami Owl Starter Kit? (Updated)

The Origami Owl Starter Kit (Updated August 2014) Two Origami Owl Starter Kits NOW!! Basics $149 and NEW DELUXE KIT FOR $399. Read More Below! The Origami Owl Starter Kit is just a piece of why people get giddy over this company. People are extremely excited about the Origami Owl business opportunity.  When I startedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What is the Origami Owl Opportunity?

Tell me about the Origami Owl Opportunity? (Updated October 2014) Origami Owl Jewelry Company launched in January 2012 and is truly a GROUND FLOOR opportunity. It has almost been 3 years and we are still growing and expanding with quality personalized jewelry. To be a a part of the the Origami Owl Opportunity, our affordable BusinessContinue Reading

Origami Owl Comp Plan

Tell me about the Origami Owl Comp Plan The Origami Owl Compensation Plan is nothing short of amazing. Starting your own Origami Owl Business is an exciting  journey to embark on.  Here you will find information you will need to make a confident decision in becoming an Origami Owl Designer. Origami Owl was created byContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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