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Believe in Your Origami Owl Business To Make The Difference


How long have you had your Origami Owl business? Do you have faith in this one and only company? If you have been in a direct sales business for a while, you may have experienced several stages of the business. Some consultants find themselves moving from business to business to try and find the magic fit. They are looking for the perfect product and team combination that will explode their down line and their sales. Continue Reading

Should I Buy Gifts for my Origami Owl Team?


Leaders often feel compelled to buy their Origami Owl team gifts and rewards for a job well done. Some use gifts to inspire them to reach goals and new levels of achievement within their direct sales business. While using a gift can be beneficial for some in terms of recognition and reward, it can also be a waste of money in certain instances too. I think it all depends on the size of the reward and type if gift you are giving.Continue Reading

Top Tips For Origami Owl Leaders for Mentoring Your Team


Managing a team whether you are in a direct sales business or in a corporate business can be difficult. For some it is the hardest part of the job. You have to be able to deal with different personalities effectively and fairly at all times. Listening is a skill that you will develop and speaking to others in a non-confrontational manner is also crafted as you go. There is always something to learn regardless if you are a new leader or an experienced one.Continue Reading

What Reports Should an Origami Owl Designer Check Daily?

An Origami Owl Designer should check certain reports daily to be sure they are where they are suppose to be in their business. When having an Origami Owl team, there are certain things an Origami Owl Designer is responsible for that may go unsaid or might be assumed that you know. To lead a team effectively,Continue Reading

How to Keep your Origami Owl Team Motivated and Moving?

Origami Owl team tips that will keep things productive Keeping your Origami Owl team motivated really has to do with on key piece about anything else. I would say that is communication. You should be communicated with your team every single day. Social media today has made that super simple and easy. Your Origami OwlContinue Reading

Strong Traits and Skills of a Successful Origami Owl Leader Part 1

Remember back when you were looking for the perfect direct sales business to join? You had a ton of questions and had found the perfect leader that was patient and helped you learn everything you needed to become successful in your business.  Then you found Origami Owl and you spent some time just learning theContinue Reading

Tips for Maintaining Professional Ethics While Building Your Origami Owl Team

  As a work at home professional, I think we can all say we know that we have to be an ethical person or we would not have any business.  Let’s face it.  Our customers trust us with personal information at the time of the sale or booking.  Plus we are being trusted especially whenContinue Reading

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Leader For Your Origami Owl Business

If you are thinking about joining Origami Owl or any other direct sales business, there are some things to consider before signing on the bottom line. For many people, the person that will become your mentor and team leader is a very important choice in your new business.  If you are one of those thatContinue Reading

Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Your New Origami Owl Designers

Steps to Welcome a New Consultant to Your Business Recruiting is an important part of your Origami Owl  business. But adding team members is not just a numbers game; it is an investment in your business.  Welcoming your new team member into the business properly is a critical step in the recruiting process so thatContinue Reading

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