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Go Straight to The Top with Your Origami Owl Sponsor


There are millions of men and women that sign up for a direct sales style of business that have worked in the business before. So for them it may seem like they know everything that they need to create a decent business and make a successful living. However, working with your Origami Owl sponsor has many benefits. I feel that it is important that you build a professional relationship with your Origami Owl sponsor so that you can reap all of the business perks that come along with that relationship.Continue Reading

How to Keep your Origami Owl Team Motivated and Moving?

Origami Owl team tips that will keep things productive Keeping your Origami Owl team motivated really has to do with on key piece about anything else. I would say that is communication. You should be communicated with your team every single day. Social media today has made that super simple and easy. Your Origami OwlContinue Reading

Origami Owl Designer in Waiting Update – July 23, 2013

We are happy to update that the Origami Owl Designer in Waiting List is moving right along. For the past few weeks we have not only taken 1700-2000 new designers in every week but for every DIW that went to convention, we allowed them to become official right then and there. It was pretty excitingContinue Reading

Direct Sales Recruiting Tips for Your Origami Owl Business Part 1

Being excited about your Origami Owl business is a natural feeling and it is the best way  to grow your business.  Let’s face it, people are attracted to others that have pure excitement and want to share everything about their business.   That is because passion sells.  Origami Owl might not be in the perfect phase today butContinue Reading

6 Super Tips to Building a Successful Origami Owl Team

While you always want to put your customer first, you can’t forget about your team as well. Having a well trained team selling can account for half of your income. Your down line is one of the most important parts of direct sales. A good team member usually won’t take up too much of yourContinue Reading

Change Your Life! Join Origami Owl Today!

Join Origami Owl and change your life I ask the same question at least ten times a day.  “Why are you waiting to join Origami Owl? Whether people are wanting to earn a little extra cash and start a full time home based business, Origami Owl is an amazing way to earn income. Our economyContinue Reading

What Duties Is An Origami Owl Mentor Responsible For?

Recently I was asked what is the difference between an Origami Owl Designer and an Origami Owl Mentor?  Well an Origami Owl Designer is simply someone who decides to start their own Origami Owl business and sell our amazing custom jewelry. A designer becomes a mentor once they decide to start building their team, sponsorContinue Reading

Join Origami Owl (Updated January 11, 2015)

Join Origami Owl Today! Let’s get this Party Started Join Origami Owl today and be apart of  one of the newest direct sales opportunities.  I am sure you are looking around and have heard the buzz of this company, so you are checking out what all the excitement is about. Well you found the best placeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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