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Origami Owl Welcome Packets


A warm welcome to our Origami Owl family is super important when new designers start their journey with us. It is important that your new designer get off to great start and I find that when people feel like they are immediately part of a family, they become more engaged, more interactive, more willing to jump in head first and get their business move. Your designer will not only feel supported by you, but she will love the support she gets from the entire team and she will know she has all the resources she needs to get moving before she even gets her kit. There is nothing like Origami Owl Welcome packets….or is there?Continue Reading

5 Tips for Managing a Non Local Direct Sales Team


Something that attracted me to this business was the fact that in this day in age, because of online marketing and digital communication, we are able to share our business with anyone, not only in our neighborhood but all across the world. Building a team that is Maine, California, Washing and every where in between while you sit in Florida can really blow up your organization, however it can bring about several issues and problems as well. Being a great leader and supporting people that aren’t near you can be very difficult if you don’t have a very strong set of systems in place and know exactly what you are doing. Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Need To Let Go As An Origami Owl Leader


As an Origami Owl leader supporting your team members is a requirement of your business. After all, you have chosen to be a “leader” and leading by example and assisting your down line is expected by the company and by those that choose to be on your team. But often there is a fine line that has to be drawn when a team member continually asks for things or things to be done for them. Continue Reading

The Ulimate Origami Owl Leadership Cheat Sheet


Origami Owl Leadership about connecting with the people on your team. Now you ask, how can that be done affectly? By paying close attention to what you would want in a leader of course.. These are a few leadership rules that will help you develop a strong, stable team that is connected to you and connected to the other people within that team.Continue Reading

Jilleysue’s Tips to Keeping your Origami Owl Team Webinars Exciting

Tricks to Keep Your Origami Owl Team Webinars Exciting Webinars are an excellent tool for reaching your Origami Owl team across the miles.  No matter where your team is, you can reach them with an internet connection and a webinar room.  Webinars give you the ability to teach, share and connect with others in aContinue Reading

3 Tips to Having the Most Dedicated Origami Owl Team

Get the strong and dedicated Origami Owl you have always wanted Developing an Origami Owl team that is strong and will continue to grow is the secret to developing a million dollar Origami Owl business.  Building your team deep and wide is where the money is in this type of business but knowing how toContinue Reading

Are You Ready to Grow Your Origami Owl Team?

Growing your Origami Owl Team, are you ready? Before you start adding new members to your Origami Owl team it is important to step back and evaluate your business performance. Are you personally ready to give what it takes to support a team of other people as well as your own growing business? Each OrigamiContinue Reading

What Reports Should an Origami Owl Designer Check Daily?

An Origami Owl Designer should check certain reports daily to be sure they are where they are suppose to be in their business. When having an Origami Owl team, there are certain things an Origami Owl Designer is responsible for that may go unsaid or might be assumed that you know. To lead a team effectively,Continue Reading

How to Keep your Origami Owl Team Motivated and Moving?

Origami Owl team tips that will keep things productive Keeping your Origami Owl team motivated really has to do with on key piece about anything else. I would say that is communication. You should be communicated with your team every single day. Social media today has made that super simple and easy. Your Origami OwlContinue Reading

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