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Jilleysue’s Tips to Keeping your Origami Owl Team Webinars Exciting

Tricks to Keep Your Origami Owl Team Webinars Exciting Webinars are an excellent tool for reaching your Origami Owl team across the miles.  No matter where your team is, you can reach them with an internet connection and a webinar room.  Webinars give you the ability to teach, share and connect with others in aContinue Reading

3 Tips to Having the Most Dedicated Origami Owl Team

Get the strong and dedicated Origami Owl you have always wanted Developing an Origami Owl team that is strong and will continue to grow is the secret to developing a million dollar Origami Owl business.  Building your team deep and wide is where the money is in this type of business but knowing how toContinue Reading

Are You Ready to Grow Your Origami Owl Team?

Growing your Origami Owl Team, are you ready? Before you start adding new members to your Origami Owl team it is important to step back and evaluate your business performance. Are you personally ready to give what it takes to support a team of other people as well as your own growing business? Each OrigamiContinue Reading

What Reports Should an Origami Owl Designer Check Daily?

An Origami Owl Designer should check certain reports daily to be sure they are where they are suppose to be in their business. When having an Origami Owl team, there are certain things an Origami Owl Designer is responsible for that may go unsaid or might be assumed that you know. To lead a team effectively,Continue Reading

How to Keep your Origami Owl Team Motivated and Moving?

Origami Owl team tips that will keep things productive Keeping your Origami Owl team motivated really has to do with on key piece about anything else. I would say that is communication. You should be communicated with your team every single day. Social media today has made that super simple and easy. Your Origami OwlContinue Reading

Recruiting Tips for Success – Presenting Your Origami Owl Business Opportunity to a New Prospect

For you to be a successful Origami Owl recruiter and team builder, it is important to remember that new designers join direct sales businesses for a variety of reasons. Some consultants join to build a full time career, others join just to make part time money and some will join to just get a discountContinue Reading

Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Your New Origami Owl Designers

Steps to Welcome a New Consultant to Your Business Recruiting is an important part of your Origami Owl  business. But adding team members is not just a numbers game; it is an investment in your business.  Welcoming your new team member into the business properly is a critical step in the recruiting process so thatContinue Reading

Communication is Critical in Your Origami Owl Business

Sometimes people say that they are not good leaders and they are fearful of adding people to their team. Something I usually tell people who say this to me is, Leading is only about sharing what you know, showing people how you run your business, and being a support system.  Leading others is mainly aboutContinue Reading

Recognizing Your Origami Owl Team For Being The Rock Stars They Are

The longer you are in your direct sales business the more apt you are going to have others join your team.  As a manager of your own Origami Owl business, it’s important that you understand your team’s wants, needs and goals, plus recognize them for a job well-done when they accomplish those goals so thatContinue Reading

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