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The Good In Everyone in Direct Sales


When I joined Direct Sales, I didn’t join to make money or sell anything. I didn’t even join for a discount. I did it to have something that was my own. I was living in Florida by myself with all of my family and friends in Maine. Life was not good and I had nothing that felt like it was my own. I dabbled around, pretended to do the work and never really made a dollar but I was meeting people and finally talking to people online, making my own friends instead of sitting in my bed, feeling sorry for myself. I was wasting my life trying to control a situation that couldn’t be controlled.Continue Reading

21 Killer Tips for Growing Your Direct Sales Team


The number one question I am probably asked daily is how consultants should talk to people or ways for them to begin growing their direct sales team. They want the secret recipe for sponsoring and recruiting or what I do different than any other designer. The truth is I do nothing different than any other consultant. The one big change that happened for me was that I changed how I was thinking.

I would honestly have to say that the biggest way starts with your mind set. Before we apply any of the tips I list below, we really have to get out of our own way. I do list mindset below however it truly umbrellas everything you do in your business. That old quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson comes to mind. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Continue Reading

10 Tasks Productive Direct Sales Consultants Do Before Bed


The most productive direct sales consultants have all lots of things they do in their daily routine which contribute to their success. They have a clear understanding that a plan needs to start their day as well as end their day. They also know they need to keep their mind and body healthy. It has taken me a very long time to get my mind and business organized. I have a tendency of jumping from one task to another and we all know Social Media does not help, however one thing that has helped is what I started doing before bed.Continue Reading

20 Tasks to Help YOU get a Direct Sales Reboost


Are you having a hard time? Are there issues within your company? Are team mates dropping off or going to other companies? Instead of the going in the direction of everything that seems to be going wrong. Its time to make a right turn and take control of your emotions and your life. It’s common in direct sales for things to go wrong, for personalities to clash or for you to be fighting fear and just be in a slump. I have those days too, but when they happen, I try to find articles or motivational quotes that will push me in the right direction. Direct Sales is not always rainbows and unicorns but it is always better than going to work for someone else. That in itself motivates me to get my butt off the couch and HUSTLE. Make your name known in direct sales and in Origami Owl. Brand YOU. Get up and lets do this!!Continue Reading

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