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21 Killer Tips for Growing Your Direct Sales Team


The number one question I am probably asked daily is how consultants should talk to people or ways for them to begin growing their direct sales team. They want the secret recipe for sponsoring and recruiting or what I do different than any other designer. The truth is I do nothing different than any other consultant. The one big change that happened for me was that I changed how I was thinking.

I would honestly have to say that the biggest way starts with your mind set. Before we apply any of the tips I list below, we really have to get out of our own way. I do list mindset below however it truly umbrellas everything you do in your business. That old quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson comes to mind. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Continue Reading

9 Top Direct Sales Sponsoring Tips


Nine times our of ten if you are in the Direct Sales Industry, you went to a party and fell in love with the products. You thought to yourself, I absolutely love these products, they will be easy to sell and you quickly begin your journey. I often refer to this as the Direct Sales roller coaster. You know you are so excited to join, you can’t wait to kit your kit. Then the second it arrives, you are bursting at the seems to open it and then all of the sudden you realize you own a business and want to crawl in a hole wondering what you got yourself into? Sound familiar?Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Grow Your Origami Owl Team?

Growing your Origami Owl Team, are you ready? Before you start adding new members to your Origami Owl team it is important to step back and evaluate your business performance. Are you personally ready to give what it takes to support a team of other people as well as your own growing business? Each OrigamiContinue Reading

Origami Owl Recruiting Tips ~ Watch and Listen at Jewelry Bars

Watching and good listening at jewelry bars are key in order to be effective at recruiting for your Origami Owl business. Good solid leads can not only increase your chances of recruiting new consultants, they also increase your unit strength! To help you increase your recruiting success, here are a few tips on what toContinue Reading

Recruiting Tips for Success – Presenting Your Origami Owl Business Opportunity to a New Prospect

For you to be a successful Origami Owl recruiter and team builder, it is important to remember that new designers join direct sales businesses for a variety of reasons. Some consultants join to build a full time career, others join just to make part time money and some will join to just get a discountContinue Reading

Direct Sales Recruiting Tips for Your Origami Owl Business Part 2

In our direct sales business, recruiting and building a team is a big part of our income so making sure we are very good at sharing our business opportunity can really impact the size of our team.  If you are looking at growing your team, check out part 2 of our recruiting tips for yourContinue Reading

Direct Sales Recruiting Tips for Your Origami Owl Business Part 1

Being excited about your Origami Owl business is a natural feeling and it is the best way  to grow your business.  Let’s face it, people are attracted to others that have pure excitement and want to share everything about their business.   That is because passion sells.  Origami Owl might not be in the perfect phase today butContinue Reading

Join Origami Owl (Updated January 11, 2015)

Join Origami Owl Today! Let’s get this Party Started Join Origami Owl today and be apart of  one of the newest direct sales opportunities.  I am sure you are looking around and have heard the buzz of this company, so you are checking out what all the excitement is about. Well you found the best placeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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