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How to use the power of Social Media to leverage your Origami Owl business.

5 Ways to Use Periscope for your Direct Sales Business


Ok sisters, have you downloaded Periscope? I know the application only came out in March but it is time for you to download this baby and start at least lurking around to see what all the buzz about. You truly need to hear how you can use Periscope for your Direct Sales business. Since joining Periscope a little over a month ago, my engagement on all of my platforms has sky rocketed, so you can imagine, my wheels have been non stop turning coming up with ways for all of you to use it in your Direct Sales business. I can honestly tell you, that I am having more fun with this platform than I have had with any social media platform in a very long time.
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53 Instagram Tips for your Origami Owl Business


Instagram is one of my favorite Social Media platforms. It is perfect for our type of business because our products come thru visually so easily. Many designers are on Instagram but many are not using it to its full potential. There are tons of questions in regards to how to use Instagram to grow your business and although it can be different for each and every type of business, there are some basic guidelines that all users should follow. Continue Reading

4 Free Tools to Create Amazing Origami Owl Graphics


Many of us struggle with what to post on Social Media and ask how do these designers come up with amazing Origami Owl Graphics? Most of completely check out thinking there is no way, we could come up with half the designs we see on Facebook or Pinterest. Unfortunately, we still see some people who don’t even try to figure out how to create their own visual content and just take or alter content from others without permission. A big no no of course, but with so many people still doing this, I decided to wrote a post where any designer can have access to a few of these FREE tools and create their own Origami Owl graphics with ease.Continue Reading

6 Must Haves for Your Origami Owl Website


When you have an Origami Owl business, having an Origami Owl website connected to your site and business is a fantastic marketing tool but its not as simple as just throwing some random pretty pages up. When creating Sparkling Lockets, we planned for many hours what would be the best look and what information should be on the site for customers and potential new team members.Continue Reading

7 Instagram Tips For Your Origami Owl Business


Using social media is a must for any business today, but Instagram is really becoming a hit for driving business to Origami Owl Designers. With all of the tools and apps available for smartphones, it is easy to add in some fun to your marketing message. Instagram is a easy site that you can use to grow your Origami Business and here we have some tips for you to use to get started and use it successfully. Continue Reading

Tips For Staying Consistent with Social Media for Direct Sales


We have talked about being active on social media with your direct sales business and staying consistent with your postings, and how important it is in order to be successful. Success on social media is not about how many people follow you or how many “likes” you have. For many, being successful is all about engagement and click-throughs. For some it can be about sales or sponsoring. Decide what you consider success and start making your plan.Continue Reading

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