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How to use the power of Social Media to leverage your Origami Owl business.

How To Communicate on Facebook Effectively with Your Origami Owl Team

Origami Owl Team Communication on Facebook There are many effective ways to communicate with your Origami Owl team and downline, but using a resource like Facebook is a great way to gather people from all over the country.  By setting up an Origami Owl Facebook Group page, you can offer up to the minute informationContinue Reading

How To Create An Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage

4.4 / 5 ( 5 votes ) Creating and Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage When you first join Origami Owl, one thing you should do immediately is create your Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage. Now when it comes to Social Media, everyone knows that I believe you should learn the party plan basics before you focus yourContinue Reading

Promoting Your Origami Owl Business Using Internet Marketing

Every morning I check my email or message in boxes. Almost daily I receive messages from people who are thinking about joining our amazing Origami Owl team and I have to reiterate how amazing they are. (Love you Sparkling Hooters). One question I get asked quite frequently is,  “Will you teach me how to runContinue Reading

The Key to Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media

Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media: The Recipe As you begin your Origami Owl journey, there are many pieces to making your business successful. There are three parts to it all. Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media. First and foremost, you must get the basics of the Origami Owl business down. Things suchContinue Reading

5 Tips for Using Twitter to Grow your Origami Owl Business

Regardless if you have been online for a long time with your Origami Owl Business promoting your business or you are relatively new, using social media is a very important tool that you need to know how to use.  Twitter specifically is a great site to master as it will help you grow your OrigamiContinue Reading

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