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Fun Videos all about Origami Owl.

How to Schedule Your Origami Owl Posts on Your Fanpage


People are always asking me how do I stay on top of my social media? Something that I am consistent with on a daily basis is making sure that I schedule my Origami Owl posts no matter what is going on. Whether you are working your business day to day, taking a day off or going on vacation, be sure that your Facebook Fan Page posts are always consistent with 3 to 4 posts every single day.Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Bella ~ DIW Update 6-17-2013

Check our my new video. Happy 17th Birthday to our Origami Owl Founder, Bella Weems. In the spirit of Bella’s Birthday, listen in to find out her gift to all of us. Origami Owl DIW Update

Origami Owl Adds New Leaders To Our Corporate Team [Video Blog]

Check our my new video. I wanted to tell you all about Origami Owl adding new leaders, some tips from me and a few other fun things.

Origami Owl Designers in Waiting Update June 12, 2013

Check out my newest video update. What you all have been waiting for. What is going on with the Origami Owl Designers in Waiting?

Every Origami Owl Locket Tells a Story ~ Where Did It Begin?

Origami Owl was started by a 14 year old girl. Do you believe it? Yes it all came together when 14 Bella wanted a car.  Her mom’s response was, “Why don’t you start a business?”  After researching and being inspired by a girl who created bottle cap necklaces what you see today was born. NowContinue Reading

Origami Owl – How It All Began with Bella Weems [VIDEO]

Check our video of Bella Weems telling the story of how Origami Owl was born. This is the story of a 14 year old girl having a dream.

Tips for Starting Your Very Own Origami Owl Business [Video Blog]

Check our my new video of some great Origami Owl Business Tips. These are great guidelines for when you just start your very own OO Business.

Origami Owl Designer Back Office Over View [Video Blog]

1 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Check our my new video with a walk thru of your Origami Owl back office as a new designer

Get All The Support You Need When You Become An Origami Owl Consultant [Video Blog]

Check out my new video all about our team support once you become an Origami Owl Consultant

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