Create Long Lasting Friendships With Your Direct Sales Business

Create Long Lasting Friendships With Your Direct Sales Business

Your Direct Sales Business will bring more to you than just Financial Benefits

Never in a million years did I expect Direct Sales to bring to my life what it has. People often state they don’t have anything in common with their friends as they grow older. As we age, we often see our friendships change and many times we will develop new ones that are geared towards our new and common interests. Have you found yourself in a position like this? It is certainly not uncommon.

Finding an outlet for developing new friendships and common interests can be as easy as starting a new business. Joining a direct sales company is a great way to build new and long-lasting friendships with other like-minded women. Women who join this type of business are typically mothers who are looking to stay home to raise their children. There is also many retired women looking for an outlet for their creative needs. Sometimes, it is even successful women who are missing something in their life.

When I started in this industry, I was a successful Executive and Compliance Director for a Financial Services company. I also started handling all of their Social Media. Want to hear about my first days in my transition? Read more here. In my case, I was missing connection. It was amazing to me that I could log into Facebook or back then a Forum and instantly connect with people from all over the US. Not only could I connect but I had women reaching out to me every day to check on it. The warmth and love amazed me. Of course my entire family is in Maine and I always had them, but it was incredible to meet so many ladies that will be some of my best friends for life now.

Build Confidence in Direct Sales

Beyond building business skills, a direct sales business will help you build confidence in yourself and help you to step out of your comfort zone. You will get out of the house, meet new people, make new friendships and earn money to help support your family too! Never in a million years did I think I would be doing something like this. I was like many of you. I sat there and told myself, “this is just a hobby” in case I failed. You know you are sitting there thinking, yes I say that. Time to start believing that you CAN do this. You will make some of the best friends you have ever had and you will create a sense of freedom in your life that you never dreamed imaginable.

Origami owl business

Origami Owl consultants typically state that some of their best and closest friends came into their lives once they joined Origami Owl. You can not only meet other consultants that become friends, but also your customers. As each new person comes into your life through your direct sales business, you will find a lot in common with them and the love of the product and business makes a wonderful platform to forge new friendships.

If you are finding yourself stuck in a rut and looking for new and meaningful friendships, think about starting a direct sales business like Origami Owl. It is fun, engaging, it will put your creative juices to work and you can meet great people that enjoy the same things you do too. What a perk!

Become the Leader you never knew you could be in Direct Sales

What I love to hear on a constant basis is how people say I will join but I don’t want a team. Suddenly they are sharing the opportunity and bringing on 1, then 3, then 10. They are doing graphics, webinars and then having team meetings. So not only are they gaining friends, building confidence, they are becoming leaders? WOW this Direct Sales thing is pretty powerful! Are you ready to Join the Sparkling Hooters? Visit my Facebook Fan page and lets’s chat.

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