Direct Sales Recruiting Tips for Your Origami Owl Business Part 1

Direct Sales Recruiting Tips for Your Origami Owl Business Part 1

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Being excited about your Origami Owl business is a natural feeling and it is the best way  to grow your business.  Let’s face it, people are attracted to others that have pure excitement and want to share everything about their business.   That is because passion sells.  Origami Owl might not be in the perfect phase today but growing is good and whenever a company is growing, those that stay excited are the ones whose businesses explode.  The same is true when it comes to adding team members.

If growing your business is something you want to do, but you are not getting the results you expected, I am going to share with you some recruiting tips to help you.  This will be a 2 part series as I have a lot to share with you.  Let’s get started.

Origami Owl Launch Party

1. Don’t try to recruit everyone you know and everyone you come into contact with. Even though you are enthusiastic about your business, the hard sell does not work. However, you do want to discuss the business opportunity with them. When approaching others to come join your Origami Owl business, talk about the business with them but don’t come across as actually trying to “recruit” them.

When others feel like you are just pitching them to come join your team or if they feel you are pressuring them to come join your team, it will turn them off. You will want to casually talk about your business and let the prospect ask you questions for more in depth information should they desire it. Share what you love about the products and business. Share how much fun you are having. People naturally will want to be a part of that.

2. Don’t get discouraged when it comes to your recruiting efforts! You will definitely hear a lot more no’s than yes’s and that is normal with any direct sales business. When someone tells you no, it is more likely that it’s just no for now. That doesn’t mean that it will be no a year from now if something changes in their life. You always want to keep the door open and from time to time, bring it up with them again.

3. Don’t wait for prospects to come to you! You must get out there and work your business, like a business. You need to talk to people but not pressure them. Rarely does a prospect magically find you, so it’s your job to advertise, market and do all of the networking for your direct sales home business.

 4. Realize that people join a direct sales business for all kinds of different reasons. Some will join to just get a discount, some to make a little extra cash and others will join to make a career out of it. All people have different reasons, so all of their goals will most likely be different than your own.

Let prospects know up front that you understand all of these reasons and that you will accept them, lead them and coach them, no matter how they plan to work the business. Sometimes your best team members will be ones that joined to get a personal discount off their purchases and then end up turning it into a full fledged home business for themselves.

Study these four tips and think about what you can do to incorporate them, if you aren’t already.  I will have more tips for you in the next installment.  Together we will grow your Origami Owl business.  I know so many of you are new to this entire concept. It is easy to grab on to the first person that seems interested. But make helping succeed your number 1 priority in this business and all the sudden growing your team will be easy.

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