Enthusiasm Is Contagious When Building Your Origami Owl Business

Enthusiasm Is Contagious When Building Your Origami Owl Business

Think back to the last home party that you attended where you had a really good time and actually wanted to book a party.  Remember one?  Chances are the key factor in having a great time was that the consultant was enthusiastic, fun and truly excited about spending time with you.  Am I pretty close?

Let’s face it, enthusiasm is contagious!  So when you talk to others about your Origami Owl business, it is not only important that you say the right things but it is important how you say it. That’s right, for your business to be a booming success; you will need to show honest enthusiasm for your business.

Everyone can spot a fake smile and when someone is trying to show pleasure and happiness but not really mean it.  Do you love your business?  Why are you in business?  Remember you’re WHY when you are speaking to potential party hosts, home party guests and even to potential new team members! It is important to let your excitement about Origami Owl business shine through! When others see you happy and bursting with joy about sharing the business or spending time with them at a party, they will get excited too!

Studies have shown that a pleasant and upbeat personality is contagious and when you have something contagious it will spread to others! Even when things may not being going well with your business, you cannot let others see that or feel that bad vibe coming from you.

When you are upbeat and excited people are more apt to book home parties from you, place orders with you and equally important, they are more willing to join your team and build an Origami Owl business too!  If you were joining a business or booking a party today, would you choose a rep that was negative or rarely smiled?   I bet the person that had a blast at their own parties have the bigger teams and bigger sales.

Spread your excitement with others by talking with them in an upbeat manner and telling them about all of the awesome benefits that Origami Owl has to offer designers.   Remember why you joined the business when speaking about your business and let your positivity shine through!  You, your business and your business partners will all feel and see the difference.  Enthusiasm really is Contagious in your Origami Owl business!



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