Even Men Can Have A Successful Origami Owl Business

Even Men Can Have A Successful Origami Owl Business

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When people typically think of direct sales (home parties and door-to-door selling), they typically think of it as a women’s home business. However, more and more men are now flocking to direct sales due to the income potential, leadership roles and the ability to work their own desired hours.

In the past, men typically went for male oriented direct sales businesses but now in modern times, they are joining all types of businesses including jewelry, home décor and cookware types of businesses.  You have seen men at the head of many companies that feature women’s goods for years and years.  Now it is more of the norm to see men selling all sorts of direct sales products including Origami Owl too. I am consistently asked by men about Origami Owl. Woman love the jewelry but men see the potential and having found the perfect item woman will love.

If you have been overlooking men when it comes to recruiting, look at it this way. If you walked into a department store and stood at a skincare or jewelry counter to make a purchase, 50-60% of the time you will be waited on by a male salesperson! If men can sell you those types of items in a department store, they can surely sell it at a jewelry bar. We all know that direct sales is about building relationships and men can be just as successful  when it comes to doing this as women. You don’t have to be a lady to be a top Origami Owl Designer.

Just like women, men will have to work hard at their home business. They will have to take the time to educate themselves about direct sales and Origami Owl,  put in the marketing, advertising & networking time and of course, participate in company events. These efforts will have to be clear, concise and done on a consistent basis. When you are talking to woman about joining your business, make sure to ask about their husbands and if they would be interested in being involved in the business too.  Husband and Wife teams make a strong sales impact!  Don’t miss any opportunity to talk to a guy about your business.Businessman

If your wife is already an Origami Owl designer, get involved, help the business any way you can and become a strong partner. In doing so, you will only strengthen your business. Two productive people in a business has always been stronger than one. Just imagine what a team can accomplish in this growing company. Go for it guys. Your time is now. You can do it!

A lot of men have been joining the Origami Owl business opportunity and are seeing positive results! Just like the women, they are booking parties, selling jewelry and adding new members to their teams. The men who are with Origami Owl will tell you that women love buying jewelry from them and men love buying jewelry for their women from them! It’s a definite win-win situation! Go Origami Owl Men! We are proud of you whether you have single business owners or teamed up with your wives. You are amazing!

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