Every Order in Your Origami Owl Locket Business is a VIP

Every Order in Your Origami Owl Locket Business is a VIP

Every Order Counts in your Origami Owl Locket Business

Even one Origami Owl Locket sale is a sale. They are all important and need to be treated with extra special care to build your business. In any direct sales business there are issues with small orders due to the cost of the products you are offering for sale. There are some consultants who roll their eyes and don’t want to accept a small Origami Owl jewelry order in their business and I guess that is their choice. Many focus their time and energy on the big spenders out there and while that is okay too, you also need to focus your time on fulfilling those smaller orders too.

Any and all orders will add up throughout the year and in-turn can get you repeat business from that customer when you provide them excellent customer service and quick product delivery. In our Origami Owl business we sell a wide variety of jewelry items at affordable prices. That $10.00 Origami Owl locket purchase is just as important as that $100.00 Living Lockets purchase and should be treated as such.

Every Origami Owl Locket order adds up!

If you accept thirty, $10.00 orders in a 6 month period of time, that $300.00 in Origami Owl locket sales is additional income that you may be missing out on if you hadn’t accepted it.  Small orders are nothing to sneeze at and can do good thing to your bottom line.  The best designers focus on building that repeat customer base. When you focus on that instead of the dollar amount of the order, your business becomes more and more stable.

If you are hesitant is processing a small order, here are two options that you can choose to follow:

1. Suggest an add-on purchase to help boost up the Origami Owl Designs (many call this suggestive-selling)

2. Accept solely that small purchase order with a smile and give them great service so that they come back again in the future.

No matter how big or small every Origami Owl Locket counts.

Never worry about the size of an order. All orders should be welcomed and appreciated.  A small order can be the doorway to larger orders in the future and can add up to much larger sales for your Origami Owl business overall.

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