Every Origami Owl Locket Tells a Story ~ Where Did It Begin?

Every Origami Owl Locket Tells a Story ~ Where Did It Begin?

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Origami Owl was started by a 14 year old girl. Do you believe it? Yes it all came together when 14 Bella wanted a car.  Her mom’s response was, “Why don’t you start a business?”  After researching and being inspired by a girl who created bottle cap necklaces what you see today was born. Now a direct sales business giving jobs to stay at home Moms and making dreams come true.

Origami Owl has changed my life. What started out as fun during struggling times has turned into so much more. I am a normal person. I have trials and tribulations just like everyone else but what is easy to see is that we are all alike. Every stepping stone is creating out story. Every bump makes us stronger. Every lesson we teach makes us a leader. Every time we lift someone up, we become an inspiration. This simple concept and your passion and lead you down the road you have always wanted to travel.

Origami Owl is a simple concept in which people pick their charms that tell their particular story, put them in side a sparkly locket and viola, your own personalized locket is created. Origami Owl has an amazing story and creates an amazing story for just about everyone.

Origami Owl Locket

We are in our 2nd year and of course like most new companies do, we are hitting some bumps but we have 25,000 designers that are passionate about this company and the opportunity. My team is amazing. They stick together and are holding each other together like glue. We are a support system and I am proud of each and every one of the SPARKLING HOOTERS

Check out our story. Where is all started and how it came to be from our founder Bella Weems herself.

What do you think? Pretty amazing huh? I get blow away every time I watch this. Message me today to find out more about Origami Owl or to buy and Origami Owl locket for yourself or someone you love.

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