Follow Up is the Key to a Huge Origami Owl Business Customer Base

Follow Up is the Key to a Huge Origami Owl Business Customer Base

In our Origami Owl businesses,  our products can often become the focus of our attention.  We know we need a booking and that sale to keep the business moving along.  While that may all be well and true, your focus really needs to be on your #1 product – your customers.  Without them, you have no business! Following up and developing your customers into repeat customers is a priority for a healthy, stable Origami Owl business.

After you have completed the sale with a customer, it is important that you remain in contact with that customer. How frequently you do this and the follow-up method that you use will depend on several different factors.

Staying in touch with them is vital to your Origami Owl business and in obtaining repeat orders from that customer. If they are satisfied with the purchase and they see you following up, they are more apt to refer you to their friends and family members when the need arises. You will become THEIR LOCKET LADY!!

How often you choose to follow-up with them depends on many factors and you need to walk a fine line between contacting them too often and not enough. When speaking with the customer it’s best to ask them how they wish to be contacted and how often they would like that contact to occur.

 To start, a good rule of thumb is that you follow-up with your Origami Owl customer after each purchase to make sure everything is correct and working well.  Then, if you choose, you can follow up on a monthly basis with a promo, newsletter, or something similar.  Great designers find reasons to contact their customers about things that will benefit them. That will separate yourself from the pack. At the very least, you need to contact them every two to three months. You should never contact them too much or put pressure on them to place an order with you every time you make that contact.

Let’s take a look at some options for follow up:

If the customer is local-based, you can follow-up with them via phone, in-person and/or via email. If the customer is non-local you will need to follow-up with them via email, phone and/or with postal mailings.  Always ask permission to add them to your email newsletter list or direct them to your website where they can enter in the information themselves. Make sure to have an easy way for them to stop getting your emails too.

Social Media is a great option to add to – not replace – the personal follow up.  Make sure that you are engaging with your followers to encourage them to participate and continue to follow.  On Social Media, many are silent but they are watching so make sure you remain professional and keep posting!

Social media

Staying in touch with your customers will let them know when you have new products to share with them, product specials and will let them know that you appreciate their business and are there to take their orders (or party bookings) when the need arises.


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