How to Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

How to Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

How to Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

The Origami Owl jewelry bar is a girl’s night out with the hottest Origami Owl jewelry.  When you decide to host an Origami Owl jewelry bar, we will bring all of the jewelry to display them in the comfort of your home. You may choose whether you want your bar to be an open house format, where your guests come and go through out the night or we can set a specific time and I will get a short presentation about Origami Owl, the history and just some tidbits of information to help your guests start building their stories.

Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and Become and Designer

Are you looking for a simple but glamorous career opportunity in  a direct sales business. Many of my hostesses see how easy and fun Origami Owl is and decide to start their own home business.  Origami gives people the freedom to be their own boss and have a less hectic work schedule than a regular 9-5 day job.  As a direct sales company, Origami Owl provides a fashionable opportunity to bold and independent ladies and even men who are comfortable sharing this fabulous product to everyone.  Hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry bars gives hostesses the opportunity to not only have their friends and loved ones over for a fun night but a chance to see how truly easy this business can be.

Recently, I held an Origami Owl jewelry bar at my home. All of my friends were invited so the party.  The night was amazing and super easy. I could hang out with my friends and help them build fabulous lockets that fit their personality.  I gave a simple presentation about how Origami Owl was stated, a little bit about how to build the lockets, why I joined Origami and then it was just a fun night of me and my friends hanging out.  Ladies  who were previously strangers were excited to share their stories with Origami Owl charms. .

At the party, I made sure to highlight some of the hottest items. Some of the guests had never heard of Origami Owl, which makes things even more fun. People just love it when they see it. These lockets can be personalized and will give you a personal touch to keep your stories close to your heart.  You can use it for yourself or give as a gift to someone else.

How to Host an Origami Owl jewelry Bar?  Hosting an Origami Owl jewelry party is just simply a fun night.  Grab your family, friends and a bottle of wine and  enjoy the personalized shopping experience.  I love my job. I get to hang out with friends, play with fun, sparkly jewelry and get paid on having a night of fun. When you ask me to come to your home. I supply you with a hostess packet and invitations. You supply the guests and some simply snacks. I do the rest. 🙂 It is that easy. Besides sharing a beautiful product, it is always my goal to make sure my hostess and her guests have fun. They stroll down memory lane, laugh, smile. That make it all worth it to me. Contact me today to host your own party or if my job sounds amazing, lets chat about you starting your own Origami Business. Its brand new in every area. I can’t wait to chat with you.

Dont’ forget to stop by my Facebook Fan page and say hello. I absolutely love connecting with people and hearing about how you love Origami Owl.


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