How To Be a Successful Origami Owl Designer

How To Be a Successful Origami Owl Designer

How to be successful as an Origami Owl Designer

If you are passionate about creating a personal story for people, anything sparkly or anything girley than origami owl lockets, charms, and jewelry   is a great attractive opportunity for you. It is a great way to  showcase your enterprising skills and share something you are passionate about.  Anyone can learn how to be a successful Origami Owl Designer. You just have to love your products, love the company and get started right away.

Origami owl is offering its direct sales business opportunity to many independent designers.  Interested designers can join by signing up and fill out the sign up form to select a start up kit.  The earlier people decide to sign up and work your business right out of the gate will give you a huge advantage to be successful as an Origami Owl Designer. You can also find other designers, share ideas and really build your business.  Before you sign up, other designers will guide you to pick out the perfect starter kit which will suit to your needs.  Joining the company when it is  still in its growing stages gives business builders a huge opportunity to show off the brand and build a name for your self.

Origami owl provides 4 different kit packages to their  designers. This segmentation can help you to choose the appropriate package according to your needs and budgets.  The basic business package is a great option to become successful designers. The first package gets you started for $149 and gives you lots of material which  includes 4 lockets, 36 charms, and a business kit. The $399 kit is larger and will really get your off and running out of the gate.   The material is enough to learn techniques to be successful as an Origami Owl Designer. 

No matter what kit you choose, letting people know before your kit even arrives builds momentum and starts your business thriving. I often suggest for people to buy a locket to wear around immediately so that it strikes up conversation. I wear one where ever I go and it always gets people talking. 

For those considering this opportunity, and want to know how to be a successful Origami Designers, first  I say get in now. There are only about 8000 consultants in the entire USA. If you can see the opportunity   You can see your business and invest your skills to grow a product as the company become bigger. With very competitive environment and great products, origami owl helps the independent designers to be successful and build a huge business.   This company can provide a great place for those who want to be their own boss, work their own hours, travel and create the most amazing memories a person could ever ask for.

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  1. Belinda says:

    Great piece and great info! I’m on the wait list right now, and am so excited!

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