How To Create An Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage

How To Create An Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage

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Creating and Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage

When you first join Origami Owl, one thing you should do immediately is create your Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage. Now when it comes to Social Media, everyone knows that I believe you should learn the party plan basics before you focus your time on building your online presence. Your calendar should be completely full and you should be talking up your business day and night. However, I do believe that having an active Origami Owl Facebook Fan page is critical based on how we live today. 75% of people ages 14-45 check their Facebook first before they do anything else in the morning. That says right there that Facebook is a huge part of how we communicate and we need to recognize that.

Where to get started with your Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage

Facebook makes it simple to announce that you have started a new business and stay in contact with new customers, old customers, hostesses and of course your team. Facebook isn’t the best source for finding new customers but it keeps you in contact with the base that you have. We’ll talk about how to build your network to get people to your Fan page in another post.

Facebook does not allow people to market their business on a personal page, so its imperative that all designers have an Origami Owl Facebook Fan page so that they can be sure they are following Facebook’s policies. There are many Origami Owl Facebook pages that are not following policies and rather than being shut down, it is important to educate yourself with how this all works.

Soon, I will be doing a live. free webinar available for any Designer who needs help creating their Origami Owl Facebook fanpage, but for those of you who are visual and like to have step by step instructions, I have created that for you below.

Steps to creating your Origami Owl Facebook Fan page.

1. First Go to to get started. When you get there, the page should look like this:

Create a Fan Page

You should have the screen up that looks like the one above. Once your screen looks like that, click the green CREATE A PAGE button at the top.

2. Next, you’ll see choice boxes, instructing you to choose what your business is. There are a couple ways of doing this. Most of the time you will choose a brand or product. I also like to use the Local Business category. The reason is if you are willing to put in your home address, your business will be able to be searched on Google.

Brand or Product

3. Once you choose a Brand or Product, you will choose Jewelry/Watches from the drop down.

Choose a category

4. Next, you are going to type in your Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage name under the drop down box. I urge you to read Facebook’s Terms of Service and then check the box stating you agree. You will also want to read Origami Owl’s policies for Social Media names. They make is clear what they allow for Fan page names.

For example, mine is

5. Facebook will then ask you to fill out some information about your new business.  Follow each of the steps that it asks.  For the two Yes or No questions, be sure to click next and then save your info.

FB info

6. Upload a picture next. Your picture should be a head shot of your self. Many people will put a logo or Origami Owl product picture. This does not help you connect to your fans. Social Media is about building a connection. People can not build a connection with a logo. I strongly suggest having a professional picture done but I have seen many great self pictures that are enhanced by photoshop or Instagram that work just as well.

Facebook Picture

7. Next you will notice that Facebook will add your new Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage to your favorites list. This will make it much easier for you to locate and access daily.

9-13-2013 1-20-45 PM

8. Your Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage is now set up. Next you will want to go to your Fan page and do a few things:

a. Invite all of your friends to your page. You’ll see this at the top of your page.

b. Add a cover photo to your Fan page showing off fabulous products and personalizing it to your liking.

c. Be sure to update your page info. This means telling your fans all about you in the ABOUT section. Be sure to use keywords as well as your website address in the about section.  Fill out the About section completely. Let people get to know you.

9. Be sure to look at the small area section of the admin panel.  This section allows you to claim a custom URL for your page. That means that instead of something like , you can choose something that people will remember such as
10. Now you are ready to post away and share your Origami Owl journey with the world. You should be posting 3-4 times per day with a variety of information in regards to Origami Owl, humor, tips and personal stuff about you.

You now have and Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage

Let me know if you need further help or have any of other questions. Post your Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage below so I can see it when its complete. Don’t forget to create a one of a kind Origami Owl Facebook Covers as well, so that you can stand out in our company.
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