How to Get Ready for Your Origami Owl Launch Party

How to Get Ready for Your Origami Owl Launch Party

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One of the first things I tell my new team members when they join Origami Owl, even before they receive their kit is to start planning their launch party. The launch party can be very simple and is merely the way to let all of you friends and family know you have started a new business. Most designers will focus on wanting to sell a ton of products but really this event needs to focus on time for a new designer to practice. What I mean by practice is a time for them to practicing their  30 second commercial about their business.  It is always pretty scary for a new designer to stand up at their first home party, but when they have their launch party, it is in the comfort of their own home, in their surroundings.

Make the launch party open house style so you can mingle with your guests as they come in and out. This will take the pressure off of you to do some sort of presentation. Although that will come later, remember this is just to practice. There should be some goals for your launch party.  The goals that I think a new designer should have are:

1. Practice how to set up your display

2. Practice what to say and how to answer questions

3. Get your systems in place as far as checkout.

4. Get your drawing slip areas in place and practice how to explain what they are to your guests.

5. Book more parties

6. Practice talking to people about the opportunity.

You notice I never mentioned selling anything. The truth is, more times than not, plenty of new designers never sell anything at a launch party.  If they do, it is because there is one sale from the one to two people that show up. The more you have launch parties and I usually have them whenever a new catalog comes out, the better your attendance will become. Stay consistent and this will help your business.

When you do set up for your launch party, there are some things that you need to remember. Look at the checklist below to get your started and help you in the preparation.

Launch Party Checklist

Use this checklist to be sure you are well prepared for your launch party and you do not leave anything out.

  •  Set a date!
  • Make list of 100 to invite to party
  • Send out invites to the list of 100 at least 10 days before the party (email invite, paper invite, text, call…etc)
  • Be sure to call everyone and send out another invitation in whichever way you prefer.
  • Do a follow up /  reminder phone call 3 days before the party
  • Label ALL catalogs, brochures, give aways, door prizes, .etc. Label EVERYTHING!
  • Get out your booking calendar and highlight the dates that you want to have home parties. That way guest can choose the dates they want that are good for YOU! If you want to book basket/tote (catalog) parties, be sure to let guest know the weeks you have available for them by using a different color highlighter**
  • Be sure to display/advertise a basket/tote party and have a sign printed out that says “Take me home and earn FREE product”
  • Have recruiting packets made up
  • Have host packets made up
  • Have business cards printed out
  •  Have order forms filled out with your name as the consultant, the tax rate and the shipping cost. (I suggest not charging shipping on your launch party. Give a perk and a thank you for coming, but it is totally up to you)
  • Separate your  charms out into the different categories. 
  • Have Drawing Slips with each order form you give to the customers
  • Have a calculator
  • Have a money bag or something to put customer’s money/check in
  • Have pens for customers to use
  •  Have door prizes in cute eye catching gift bags and include your business card in each door prize bag
  •  Have a few games picked out to play for prizes and to lighten the mood of the party and keep things fun
  • Keep the food menu limited to simple finger foods (you want the talk of the party to be Origami Owl, not what food you served J)
  • Lastly, but most definitely one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS OF ALL…..RELAX AND HAVE A BLAST! You want to show people that you love your business. If they see you having fun…..they usually want to join too
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