How to Handle Tough Origami Owl Customer Issues

How to Handle Tough Origami Owl Customer Issues

Handling Origami Owl Customer Issues

Every once in a while you will come across an Origami Owl customer or party host that is hard to work with. That is normal with any business, large or small. It is how you deal with these particular types of customers that will determine the outcome with the situation. Although Origami Owl lockets are loved by so many, there may be times when our customers just need a little tender loving care.

Steps to handling tough Origami Owl Jewelry customers

There are a few things to know when dealing with tough customers and their issues in your Origami Owl business.

1. When an Origami Owl customer contacts you about a problem with their order it is important that you respond quickly to their issue. It might be the weekend and you may be busy, but customers expect a response within 36-48 hours. If you are on-the-road or busy with important things, at least respond, acknowledge their issue and give them a day and time when you will be following up.

2. Old school customer service taught us that the customer was always right but we all know that simply is not true. If an Origami Owl customer is demanding that you go against your moral ethics, business ethics or company policy, it is important that you stand your ground but do so with a professional attitude.

3. If an Origami Owl customer is threatening you or using foul language with you while making a business complaint, you have every right to tell them that you will not talk to them while being threatened or while they are using abusive language. If they are being completely unreasonable and you can’t solve the problem for them, refer them to either your upline or to the corporate office.

4. Don’t fake it! If you don’t know how to handle a situation or don’t know the answer to a customer’s question it is important that you admit that! Let the customer know that you will get the answer and will get back to them quickly with it. Don’t wait weeks or days and hope the issue goes away.  It will not and will only make them more disagreeable.

5. Remember, you are an Origami Owl independent home business owner. It is your job to share and showcase our Origami Owl charms and lockets.  It is your business and you have rights within your business. You don’t have to take the punishment that a rude customer is dishing out. But you should have the ability to handle the complaint as best as you can without going against company rules or your own business rules.

Origami Owl tough customers can always be turned around

Always remember that being kind while handling a tough customer is going to help you more than being argumentative. You can handle customer service issues and still have them as a customer too, if you handle with care.

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