How to Rock your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Presentation and Display Tips

How to Rock your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Presentation and Display Tips

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Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Presentation and Display Tips 

What would make your Origami Owl jewelry bar eye popping? It is a proven fact that beautiful displays sell much better than a cluttered, unorganized display does. You have seen the amazing displays when you go into a department store or specialty boutique and that is their business.  As an Origami Owl designer, it is your business too so it is imperative to have your Origami Owl jewelry bar ready for sales.  Let’s look at some tips for a beautiful presentation.

Jewelry Bar Display

Objective: To have a clean, neat and uncluttered Origami Owl Jewelry Bar display area that is attractive and functional in nature.

1. Clean and freshly pressed table cloths should be solid color or a solid color with the “Origami Owl” logo/name branded on them. Don’t use table cloths with a print on them as it can be distracting and does not show off our jewelry in the best manner.  If you want to add a seasonal or festive look to your table display, opt for a small table centerpiece or small décor items to fit with the occasion or season.

2. Invest in multi-level table displays to organize your Origami Owl Jewelry bar setup and demonstration products in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Utilize all of the vertical space that you can to keep your table from becoming too cluttered. You can find display units made out of wood but clear acrylic is the best option for displaying your pieces.  Acrylic risers are very cheap and can be find by just entering those words on Google. Mine came in a set of 3 and I believe were under $10.00 for each set.

3. Invest in a clear acrylic catalog holder, sales flyer holder and business card holder. Your table area will look more professional when your paper business supplies are organized and displayed properly. It is also a good idea to put a small label on each older that says “Take One” so that guests know that they can take a catalog, flyer or business card.

4. Mirrors work great to reflect light and create a sparkle on your Origami Owl jewelry bar.  Tiny lights with small standing or flat mirrors can easily be incorporated into your display to add interest, sparkle and shine. I bought a couple at Home goods and if they were not white, I simply spray painted them to match my display.

5. Keep your cash box, money bag, calculator and other necessary business items off of the main display table. If you need a place to fill out order forms and do these types of tasks, invest is a small table to place behind your displays

Be the first critic of your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Take a hard look at your Origami Owl jewelry bar the next time you set up to look for ways you can make it more attractive to your customers.  Try taking pictures so you get the view that they are seeing.  Then work on changes that will make your presentation the best it can be.

Your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar is a reflection of your business. Make it amazing.

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