I Just Joined The Origami Owl Wait List, Now What? (Updated)

I Just Joined The Origami Owl Wait List, Now What? (Updated)

I Just Joined the Origami Owl Wait List, Now What?

Currently there is no Origami Owl wait list and the Origami Owl Wait List Link is deactivated. YOU CAN JOIN IMMEDIATELY!!

So many people are seeing the amazing opportunity and joining the Origami Owl Wait List as soon as they can. But once you join the wait list then what do you do? Do sit around and keep entering your number using the Origami Owl Wait List tool hoping your number gets lower and lower? No way, you get serious about starting this new Origami Owl business.

First Question about Joining the Origami Owl Wait List…

Do you have a Origami Owl mentor? If you do, great! Then they should be the one that starts training you right away. If you don’t, then you really need to find someone that will be your coach, mentor and friend and who will support you and your business for the long haul.

When you join our team and go on the wait list under Mentor ID 5322, here are somethings that you should start doing immediately:

1. Contact me Immediately either by phone, on Facebook or by email at jill@sparklinglockets.com.

2. Once you contact me, I will add you to our team page where I have lots of documents, photos and training tools that you can read over while you are located on the Origami Owl Waiting List.

3. First read through all the manuals, guidelines and procedures of how things work and the history of Origami Owl.

4. Next look through the pictures I have posted so that you can get ideas on how your would like to set up your display.  I have listed websites that you can purchase some of the items to help organize your Origami Owl Business.

5. Next, get to know your new team on Facebook. This is your support hub. We will help you answer any questions you have, get you motivated and keep you excited about your Origami Owl business.

6. Purchase a Locket. Some wait till they start their business, but why not purchase one now or host a party so you can start talking up your new business. The Origami Owl lockets definitely cause people to start talking, so the time is now.

7. If you are local to me or your Origami Owl mentor, I would suggest shadowing a jewelry bar. I will also be posting a video on parties very soon so you can get an idea of how easy they really are and feel comfortable.

8. Read through the material on www.sparklinglockets.com. I have posted tons of information in regards to the business, hosting and more. The best time is now while you are waiting to get familiar with everything about Origami Owl so that when your kit comes, you can are already trained and ready to go.

9. Message me, call me or text me with any and all questions you have. I am ALWAYS only a message away and I am here to help YOU succeed.

10. Look online for videos and information that may help you get ideas or how you should run and organize your Origami Owl business. Write everything down and apply what fits you best.

11. Message me your why. Why did you join Origami Owl and what are you goals? This is very important, as it is my job to help you get to where you want to be. I am your own personal cheerleader. 🙂

Now there are some things that you can not while you wait on the Origami Owl Wait List until you are official such as.

Origami Owl Wait List

1. You cannot hold any shows on your own until you are official.

2. You cannot represent yourself as a Designer until you have your official Designer ID.

3. You cannot create business cards

4. You cannot create Facebook or other social media pages stating your are a Designer.

5. You cannot book events in the name of Origami Owl

6. You cannot make media appearances.

7. You cannot sell any product

8. You can not tell people you are and Origami Owl Mentor

Now you may not be able to do the above things but as you can see accordingly to what I first listed there is a ton of things you can do to get ready to launch your Origami Owl business. Are you ready to get on the Origami Owl wait list now that you have a plan as to what to do? The time is now. Let’s do this. If you are ready, CLICK HERE!!! I am ready to help you be an Origami Owl Star!


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