I’m Not Joining, There are Too Many Origami Owl Designers Already

I’m Not Joining, There are Too Many Origami Owl Designers Already

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There is no such thing as saturation when it comes to Origami Owl Designers

Its either a question or a statement always. People tell me they won’t join Origami Owl because in one year there are already too many Origami Owl Designers or ask if me how many designers are in an area. It kind of makes me chuckle because the same objections have been around in direct sales for years. At the same time people are saying these same objections, there are people becoming millionaires.

Origami Owl is just about 3 years old in direct sales. It floors me how the word saturation can even come up. Saturation is the idea that when an area has too many designers that the want for our lockets will run out or there won’t be enough customers to go around for everyone. I always think I wonder if McDonald’s thinks this when they open up a 1/2 mile from each other or at a four corner intersection, there are 3 pharmacies.  People can say  its different but its the exact same thing.

Nothing is further from the truth when people say there are too many Origami Owl Designers

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None of the above scenarios could be further from the truth. Everyone in an area could have an Origami Owl locket some day but just because everyone has a phone, toaster, mop, couch, etc, does it mean that they don’t buy a gift, an updated version, an additional item?  Think of some huge companies. When they look around and see that everyone has their product, do they stop making it? Of course not. They come out with more options, more sizes, more colors.   Our business is no different. If 10 people live on your street and 8 sign up for Origami Owl, most likely only two will provide the customers service we’d like to see along with building a strong customer base. That means 6 other designers may be listed as active but not doing proper follow up, not engaging with customers, and not re booking parties.  When people ask me how many designers are in an area, I am happy that we do not know. Origami Owl doesn’t tell us, because people will automatically see a number and think they no chance to be successful. That mentality couldn’t be further from the truth.  Just because there are 10 designers on one street, does not mean that there is less demand for your products.

When you work your business and build a strong customer base that comes to you repeatedly for products, you don’t have to worry about the 10 other designers on your street.  Every ten hundreds of kids are leaving the nest and becoming consumers. This provides us with an unlimited, never ending supply of potential customers who could potentially buy from us and join our teams. Not to mention, of those 10 people who joined on your street, 2 or 3 will probably go inactive. This means, their customer base needs a designer to help them with future purchases. You see how this “saturation” thing should not be an issue.  It all depends on how you CONSISTENTLY work your Origami Owl Business.

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