Locket Demonstration Tips For Your Origami Owl Business

Locket Demonstration Tips For Your Origami Owl Business

Having jewelry bars is by far the best way to make a sale when it comes to our Origami Owl business.  People love to touch, feel and create beautiful lockets that mean something personal and special to them.   Showing your product line at a party or to someone on a personal basis can mean the difference between a maybe and a yes.  Here are several tips to practice when demoing your products in person.

 1. Your products should always appear in pristine condition. This means that they should not be broken, damaged, tarnished, soiled, scratched, etc. The word “pristine” condition means sparkly clean and in perfect working order.

Showing damaged and/or soiled products doesn’t show your products in the best possible manner. If you want to make money by selling products, it is your job to constantly evaluate and improve the quality of your products and show them in the best possible light.  This also goes for any of your cases, trays, necks or whatever you use to showcase your line.

 2. Besides condition, you need to have a wide variety of products on display because every customer or potential customer has different tastes and likes. Just because you like a particular piece, doesn’t mean that your customers will. I usually bring one of each locket, one of each chain, a few dangles, a few tags and one of each charm. When you first start, do not feel like you need all of that to be successful. The OO Starter Kit has every thing you need to launch your business. I used just that for months and did amazing things.

Have a nice selection of products for customers to see and hold is important to building successful sales. While you don’t have to demonstrate every product we sell, you do need a vast selection of products in a wide variety of styles so your customers can get a great reference to what you carry.

3. In addition to a wide variety of styles…you need to have a wide variety of price points. While some customers will shop for lower-end priced products, some will shop for higher-end priced products but the majority of customers will go in the “middle of the road” regarding price points.

You should have a few pieces of your lower-end and higher-end products on display but 70% of the products you are showing off should be priced in the middle. Have lockets that just have one or two charms with a basic chain and then maybe show off some examples of going all with all the possibilities.

Using tips like this will help you have a great cross section of the products that the company offers.  You will have a nice selection to showcase and your customers will be able to enjoy the demonstration of your product line, which will mean increased sales for you and happy clients too.

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