New Origami Owl Charms 2013

New Origami Owl Charms 2013

Everyone is beyond excited. Being Launched Monday April 22nd will be Origami Owl’s New Charms for 2013. Every day I receive suggestions for new charms that people want to add to their Origami Owl Lockets or new charms that would be perfect for that special someone in your life who would just love Origami Owl as gift. We have been waiting and waiting. Finally on Monday April 16th, Origami revealed all of the new products that will be available for purchase this coming Monday.

I am so excited about our Spring/Summer collection for 2013 and I know you will be too. There is something for everyone, some updated charms and some really gorgeous new products all together. Feel free to jump over to our Facebook Fan Page to submit suggestions that you would like me to submit to the  nest for next season. I love hearing all your ideas. The New Origami Owl charms for 2013 are some of our best yet. I can’t wait for you to see and tell me what you think.

Some of the new Origami Owl Products include a full set of Boy and Girl Birthstone Charms.

Girl Birthstone Charms

Boy Birthstone Charms


Next, Origami Owl has come out with the gorgeous initials and numbers similar to what we currently have but this time in shimmery GOLD.

Gold Initial Charms

Gold Letter Charms

Origami Gold Letters


Origami Gold Number Charms


In Our Family Collection, we have a New gold Nana and Grandma Charm as well as a Heart Aunt and Heart Sister Charm. In our Love Collection, everyone will fall in love with our Origami Owl Silver Sparkly Heart along with our Rose Gold Sparkly Heart. We also have added an amor heart, Red Diva Lips, the Rose gold infinity and our adorable aqua heart lock.

Origami Owl heart charms

Continuing in our Love Collection, we added our Aqua Heart Key or course to go with the Lock. One of my favorites is the Gold Wedding Ring, our bow and arrow, as well as our silver and gold rose. My Hobbies and Occupations collection is one of my favorites. Of course because of my love of Social Media, I fell in love with our new LOL talk bubble, our silver drama mask, the Love the Read books and the new silver scissors.

Origami Owl Heart Charms


Something I am just plain crazy about is Origami Owl’s New Black, Chocolate and MINI LOCKETS!! OMGEEEEE! Right. They are simply amazing. The minis are perfect for lady who wants something simple or especially all of our little girl fans. The Black and the Chocolate just go with any outfit. You can wear a different Origami Owl locket every single day. I am so super excited about these and notice…..THE CHAINS MATCH TOO!


Black Origami Owl Locket

I thought I would show you just a few sneak peeks of some of the new items. All of the new items are posted on our Facebook Page. Click HERE to head right over so you can see all the NEW Origami Owl Lockets, Dangles, Tags and of course more charms. You are going to fall in love all over again for Origami Owl. I know I did and I can’t wait to create more new lockets to go with every outfit.  They had the perfect sparkle to any outfit, any gift and really any day.

Check everyone out and let me know what you think. When you get to my Facebook page, be sure to click notifications under the LIKE button. I run contests and specials all the time. Get all my notifications and don’t miss out on the fun and oh boy we do have fun. I just love everyone stopping by and sharing how much they love Origami Owl. Now quick hurry, go check out everything else and let me know what you think.

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