Origami Owl Complaints and Reviews

Origami Owl Complaints and Reviews

Do you have and Origami Owl Complaint?

Its true, you can’t please everyone in business but we can surely try. If you have an Origami Owl complaint or if you have not had the best experience in the past, please give your designer a chance to correct the issue. If you Origami Owl designer is no longer in the business, feel free to message me and I can guide you in the right direction or at least see if there is something we can do about the problem. I certainly can not promise anything but I would at least like to hear what happened, what went wrong and how myself or someone on my team can help you.

What is up with these Origami Owl Complaints and Reviews on Google?

Something to remember when you are researching Origami Owl is that we are a very new company. We are currently going into our 4th year and I would be lying if I said everything was perfect. In year one, we were growing at a fast rate of speed and learning the direct sales ropes. We made mistakes, we had products on back order, we launched things differently than we should have and we had to get people in the right positions so they could SOAR. In year two, we got considerably better. We focused on our infrastructure, our leaders and got things in order. In year three we really buckled down and took a look at quality, our systems and got really good at what we do. If you take a look at the Origami Owl complaints and reviews, many of them were from when we were just getting started. Designers were learning how to run their businesses and the Executives were learning how to run the company at the same time as growing faster than the speed of light.

Ignore the Origami Owl Complaints and Give us a chance.

Like all new businesses, we experienced some growing pains. I have learned so much in the last 2 1/2 years as a designer. I run my business differently. I coach my team differently and I focus on my customers differently. I know that I can’t make everyone out there happy but I can promise you that if Origami Owl never made the changes they did and truly didn’t love their designers and customers, I probably would not still be with the company. We absolutely love our customers, designers and hostesses. There will always be reviews and complaints that are not in our favor but through this blog post whether I am your designer or not, I ask that you give myself, your designer and/or our company another chance. We appreciate your business and we want you to have the very best Origami Owl experience possible. Feel free to email me at jill@sparklinglockets.com and let me hear about your situation. We might not be able to fix that experience but I am definitely interested to hear how myself, my team and the company can improve. We stand by the fact that we are a FORCE FOR GOOD and that means spreading joy and love to everyone that comes in contact with Origami Owl. We welcome Origami Owl complaints and reviews. It allows us to improve daily providing a personalized product that you will love and a business opportunity for millions of Americans and now Canada. I look forward to chatting with you. Visit myself and my team on our fan page at www.Facebook.com/OrigamiOwlbyJilleysue.


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One Response to Origami Owl Complaints and Reviews

  1. Tammy Leatherby says:

    Origami Owl is an AMAZING company, and perhaps one of the things I love most (besides the jewelry) is the fact that they aren’t afraid to say “we messed up” and LEARN from the mistakes. I’m privileged to be a part of this young company and I have been nothing but impressed with the phenomenal growth… and not just the number of designers or staff, but the way we have EVOLVED as a company and continue to get BETTER and BETTER. I’ve also learned that it’s typically not the people who are HAPPY who are writing the reviews. We tend to only sit down to write when we’re upset, which is also why you find negative things being posted. I would love it if everyone who is THRILLED with Origami Owl, our product, our designers and our positive impact would take equal time to write a review. But I was a CUSTOMER who fell in love with the product, and then fell in love with the company and have been blessed to be a part of the Origami Owl team for the past year and a half. I couldn’t be happier!

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