Origami Owl Customer Phone Follow Up Tips

Origami Owl Customer Phone Follow Up Tips

Tips to having amazing Origami Owl Customer Phone Calls

In any direct sales business much of our work is completed over the phone and here is where we must make that Origami Owl customer feel amazingly important.  We contact our hostesses and work with our customers or orders and customer service fulfillment.  Making sure that your phone calls are professional and effective is a must.  Here are a few Origami Owl customer service phone call tips that you can use to make your Origami Owl hostesses and customers feel great.

Origami Owl Customer Phone Tips

* When calling Origami Owl customers via phone it is important to always give them your undivided attention. This means, whenever possible you need to do your calls when the house is quiet and when you won’t be interrupted. In addition, never make customer calls while driving.

 * Do not eat, drink, chew gum or smoke while speaking on the phone. Customers can hear this! 

* Never use foul language or business slang words when speaking to them. Just because you know what that abbreviated word means or what the slang word means…doesn’t mean that your customer does!

 * Phone calls should typically be returned between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm during the weekdays. Avoid calling outside of those times and days unless they request it. A lot of customers work and/or have families & children to deal with. Keep that in mind when making your phone calls.

* Always introduce yourself at the beginning of the call and refresh their memory immediately as to why you are calling them. Don’t assume that they know!

* Allow ample time for the phone! Don’t make your customer calls when you only have 3 minutes to spare. Allow enough time for them to fully speak to you about their needs and for you to fully respond to them.

These tips may seem simple but in this digital world we live in, it is easy to forget how to stay professional on the phone. The phone is very important to build relationships and keep your Origami Owl customers coming back to you. They will feel a connection on the phone and refer to you as their LOCKET LADY!! They will always come back to you for Origami Owl Lockets and Origami Owl charms.

What are your favorite tips you use while making customer service calls in your Origami Owl business?

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