Origami Owl Designer in Waiting Update – July 23, 2013

Origami Owl Designer in Waiting Update – July 23, 2013

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We are happy to update that the Origami Owl Designer in Waiting List is moving right along. For the past few weeks we have not only taken 1700-2000 new designers in every week but for every DIW that went to convention, we allowed them to become official right then and there. It was pretty exciting for a designer in waiting to not only attend convention to be have our first annual convention be their anniversary date for starting their fabulous business.

Last night we once again sent out 2000 invitations.  When our invites goes out, there are few things invitees need to know.

1.  Invitation links only last 7 days. You need to click on the link only once within the 7 days to accept the invitation.

2.  If you know where you were in line and it falls inline with in the 2000 invites and you don’t see your email, be sure to check your Spam box. If you still don’t see it, be sure to contact the nest.

3.  The current starter kit that is available is $149 and great news, it is being shipped out in our beautiful new packaging 🙂

We have high hopes that we will continue to send out invites every Monday. To check your place in line, click on the link below:


If you are still waiting be sure to click through many of the articles here on SparklingLockets.com. There is tons of information for you to read through. I highly suggest getting a DIW notebook. Write down any ideas that you find that you like that you would like to implement into your business when the time comes. Follow other designers online, watch You Tube videos. Gather as much info as you can so that when the time comes you can take off running.

Congrats Origami Owl Designers in Waiting if you became official last night. We are super excited for you. Be sure to stop by my Facebook Page for tips and ideas for all designers. If you haven’t signed up yet, we would love to have you as a Sparkling Hooter. Contact me today so we can chat.

Hugs and Smiles 🙂

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