Origami Owl Designer Requirements

Origami Owl Designer Requirements

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What it takes to be an Origami Owl Designer

Joining Origami Owl and  becoming an Origami Owl Designer is a decision that is not made on whim.  Any one considering it, needs to understand that this is a business and needs to be treated as a business. Ordering an Origami Owl starter kit will not automatically have a box sent to your house that once you open it, has money automatically pouring out of it. This business takes work. Becoming an Origami Owl designer means if you want to be successful, you will need to decide if you want dedicate time and commitment to it.  The amazing thing about Direct Sales is that we are provided an opportunity to start our own businesses with little start up costs and every thing we need to do well. We just need to work. An Origami Owl Independent Designer can make their dreams come true if they believe in our company, have passion for our product and understand what it takes to becoming successful.

Origami Owl Sales Requirements

Along with actually working the business, most direct sales companies have requirements in order for the company to consider you and active consultant. Origami Owl Direct Sales is no different.

Origami Owl Designer Requirements:

Two ways will have you listed an Origami Owl designer:

  • In order for a Origami Owl Designer to be considered active in the company and maintain Back Office access, they must submit $199 in Personal Volume (wholesale) every 6 months.
  • Personal Volume (PV) is the product that you purchase from Origami Owl at wholesale, and resell at retail.  $199 in PV equals approximately $260-280 in retail sales.
  • The commission rate on Origami Owl products vary (30-50%), so personal volume will vary depending on what products are ordered at wholesale.
  • The $199 PV broken down over six months comes to about $35 in PV per month. However, on our team, we are very serious about the fact that this is a business and everyone should put the idea in their head that they should do a minimum of $199 in PV every single month. This will keep you out of risk of going inactive. Also when you become a leader with Origami Owl, there are also minimums beyond the $199 in order to collect on your team, so you might as well get in the habit of always having a PV higher than $199

Active as a Origami Owl Designer in any month you qualify means your upline qualifies for bonsues: (aka, downline commission)

  • Your direct mentor earns downline commission on the PV of their total team (called CTV – central team volume).
  • In order for a leader to earn downline  commission at their rank level (Team Leader, Senior Team Leader, etc.), they must have a certain number of “active” Origami Owl Designers on their front line, corresponding to the requirement for that level.  See our Compensation plan below to that you can see the designer qualifications for each title and level.
  • In order for a Designer to be considered active for their mentor, that first line Designer must have $99 in PV in the qualifying month.

Host Coaching

How do you maintain PV?

  • Jewelry Bars are always the best way to maintain your PV, however the great thing about Origami Owl is there are other options such as Take out parties, Facebook parties, Catalog parties and of course events.
  • Events –   This could include local fairs, home shows, school events to name a few. If you search our local area, events are always being posted.
  • Social media –  Facebook, Twitter and especially Pinterest and You Tube are great places to advertise yoru business for free. Start building relationships and networking and people will look to your as their Origami Owl Designer.

Right now, we have an amazing team, and we would love to have you join us. We have a very active team page, weekly team webinars so that you can stay plugged in, tons of resources and lots more. Join Team Sparkling Hooters today and become a member of an Origami Owl Designer sisterhood like non other.

Find a Origami Owl Consultant

To find an Origami Owl Consultant or for answers to more of your questions, you also always have the option of using the Origami Owl contact number listed on our main website. Every representative in Designer Care is happy to answer any of your questions and also locate the closest Origami Owl Consultant near you.  I would love to chat with you about every aspect of our business on our Origami Owl Facebook Fan page.

To see the Origami Owl Career Plan in detail please message me for your own password to view all kinds of Career Plan information and to understand how you can make your dreams come true.  CLICK HERE!

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