The Key to Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media

The Key to Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media

Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media: The Recipe

As you begin your Origami Owl journey, there are many pieces to making your business successful. There are three parts to it all. Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media.

First and foremost, you must get the basics of the Origami Owl business down. Things such as how to navigate the back office and our policies and procedures. The second part of training should always be, if you are new to this how the party plan and Direct Sales industry works. Things such as booking parties, recruiting, organizing your business, coaching and mentoring. Those things are crucial in order to being successful with your Origami Owl business.  Now in 2013, there is a third part that must be addressed in order to have communication with your customers, hostesses, recruits and potential recruits and that is Social Media.

If you follow me on my Social Media training sites, you know that I preach to all direct sales consultants to get Social Media training. Fact of the matter is, times have changed since the direct sales industry has changed. If you ask the question, “What is the first the thing you do when you wake up?”, most people will answer, “I check Facebook.” That speaks volumes in how our world has changed.  The mistakes some companies are making is that they  urge their consultants  ignore what our society is doing.  Yes, they are semi active on Social Media platforms but they are not building relationships. They do not engage or they are not consistent.

The Truth about your Origami Owl Business and Social Media

As much as many companies would like to bring bonding back to the kitchen table, it just isn’t how things are anymore. People would rather answer Facebook messages or texts rather than pick up the phone. People certainly would rather you send them a message than knock at their door. However what people miss is that they still want the connection. They still want to have a consultant that remembers their name and has a relationship with them. That still be can be done online. It just takes a little more work.

Building relationships online is not easy. It is really an art. You need to be very aware of what you are typing  and how it might be read. With Social Media, there is no body language or facial expressions to ready. You really have to show emotion with words and grammar. Some people think that they know how to do that but don’t really understand what it means.

Steps to help you get started with Your Origami Owl Social Media Platforms

When you start your new business, I urge you to write down these three steps. When you get to the step of Social Media, you will need a plan. It isn’t just about having a Facebook fan page. There is so much more to having a Social Media plan or strategy. A strategy will consist of how you plan on engaging and communicating on those that will contribute to your business.  Using Social Media makes communication so much easier than it has been in the past. You will use platforms to promote your products, communicate with your team, recruit new team members but most importantly…..BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! I can’t stress that enough. Your Social Media Strategy needs to be about what you can give and contribute to your customers and fans. Once you forget about what is in it for you, you will start to see how your business will grow.

So many people contact me and ask me where they should begin as far as Social Media. It can be very overwhelming and there is a huge learning curve when it comes to starting with your social media presence. However if you start with a notebook and a list you will be on your way to having one of the best and easiest ways to keeping up with your team, your hostesses, your customers and potential business partners.

Start with the basics. You can add to your social media presence as you go along. Don’t try to do everything all at once.  Let’s start here:

  1. Begin with how are you going to stand out and have a presence online that is different than everyone else? (Colors, Logos, Name usage, Branding, etc)
  2. Create a professional email that is used only for your business.
  3. Brand YOU, not your direct sales business. Cute names are great but brand something that that can stick with you forever, no matter what business you are with. For example, Jilleysue is me. It is my branded name and no matter what business I start or invest in, I can always use Jilleysue and people will recognize it.
  4. Websites can be a time sucker and unless you are familiar with building them or plan to have someone build it for you, DO NOT spend your time building a website until you have everything else down.  I can not stress this enough. We all love to do the things that are fun, but you have to evaluate your return on investment. Spend your time BOOKING PARTIES. Parties will bring money in. In your FREE time work on all the other things that will enhance your business. If you spend a month working on a website and have no parties booked, you just wasted 30 days with no revenue.
  5. Create you Facebook Fan page ( immediately upon joining. This platform is most important when you first begin because this is where you will announce to all your immediate contacts about your business. Once you create your fan page, be sure you are doing the Facebook basics just as posting 4-5 times a day, engaging with your fans, posting pictures and valuable original content. My rule of thumb, don’t post anything that you don’t think people will comment on or share. Your goal is to create valuable content, not to post meaningless pictures and comments that no one will care about.
  6. Be consistent on Facebook. The conversation will go out with or without you. If you do not consistently post, people will think you do not care your business seriously. If you don’t take your business seriously, your fans will not pay you or your business much attention.
  7. A great way to build your network DAILY is to get on Pinterest every single morning. Pin original content that leads back to your Fan page or your website and pin other people’s content to gain new followers. This will create new fans and customers for you.
  8.  The same goes for Twitter and Instagram. Use these outlets to build your network. These will allow you to gain fans beyond your family and friends. It also must be done consistently EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Here is where you should start when you first get started. DO NOT listen to anyone that says you can’t be successful without having every single social media platform. What you need to be successful is to get really really good at the ones you use and to be CONSISTENT! What do I suggest? What do I tell my team?

1. Learn about Origami Owl and their business basics

2. Learn everything you can about Direct Sales. ( Ready Mary Christensen’s Books)

3. Learn Facebook and create your Fan page.

4. Be Consistent

5. Take a Social Media basics class so that you know how to set up your Facebook page, tabs, about section, etc.

6. Once all that is done start thinking about a website, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Why do I suggest these 6 tasks in this order? If you don’t have a clear understanding of those 6 tasks, how will you teach a team? You need to be amazing at recruiting and booking parties and custom service so you can be a strong mentor. If you think you should just build a website and not learn how to do everything else, you will find you are spinning your wheels recruiting and then you will look at your down line and find they are all in active because they have had no training on direct sales basics. Start with the basics yourself. Learn them, know them.  I tell my team all the time, GREAT LEADERS CREATE GREAT LEADERS!

There is no denying that some of the top designers have a very strong social media presence but if you try to do everything at once and only give 10% to each area instead of getting really good at each one, you will drive your self crazy trying to keep up and trying to train your team. Remember great leaders create great leaders. Just take one step at a time. Origami Owl, Direct Sales and Social Media are a power house when meshed together but be sure you learn each one first before you move onto the next. Which are your favorite Social Media Platforms for your Origami Owl business?

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