New Origami Owl Host Rewards

New Origami Owl Host Rewards

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New Origami Owl Host Rewards: What Do You Get For Having an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar?

Well they aren’t necessary new host rewards but they are new to most. Origami Owl put these updated host rewards in place back in August. They make it much easier for hostesses and designers to keep track of everything that is earned when you host and Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. In these updated rewards, not only do you earn beautiful Origami Owl products for having people purchase at your party, but if one of your guests has a jewelry bar as well, you earn MORE Origami. How fabulous.

The second I laid eyes on these gorgeous lockets, I fell in love. Of course everyone that knows me knows that anything that comes my way that is sparkling is all me. So before even thinking about it, I started my own Origami Owl business. Soon after these new Origami Owl host rewards came out. This made things even more exciting, I could help all my friends and family earn Origami Owl for free.

Are Origami Owl Jewelry Bars easy?

Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are so easy and fun. We simply plan a date, invite your girlfriends, set up the products at your home and then your friends help you build your story. I absolutely love hanging out with everyone and hearing what charms they think would go perfectly in each other’s lockets. I love hearing the stories and choosing just the right look for each guest.

Now when you attend an Origami Owl show or party, the hostess earns Jewelry credits and jewelry discounts. The more her guests order, the more she earns. It is so much fun. Not to mention if you book your own jewelry bar because you know all your friends will just love these darling lockets, the hostess again earns gift certificates toward more free Origami Owl.

Check out the Origami Owl Hostess Rewards

Check out the UPDATED Origami Owl Host Rewards and look at all the amazing things you can earn. I get excited every time I look at it.

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Are you interested in hosting a fun girls night, an easy online Origami Owl party or joining my team. Just visit my Facebook page or click the contact me form on the website. I love answering questions about Origami Owl and talking about how we can make your girls night special. If you don’t want to wait and you simply want to start your own Origami Owl business right now and get a discount on your own purchases…THEN CLICK HERE!

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