Origami Owl Locket Review

Origami Owl Locket Review

I have seen many Origami Owl Lockets but hadn’t had my own yet. Yes, I started my business without even having an Origami Owl Locket in my hand. I just knew the second I saw the lockets that everybody who would see them would love them. I am quite the girley girl, so show me anything that sparkles and I have a hard time not thinking about it.

Everything changed this week. I received my Origami Owl shipment this week and was so excited. You can see in the picture what I chose, and I have to say I was beyond impressed. I had fun from the moment I opened the packaging. I set out all of my origami owl charms, disk and locket. Then I assembled everything together. It was everything I hoped for and more.  The locket is heavy and feels of amazing quality. The charms are adorable and fun and made me feel like they were specifically made for me.  The disk I chose was the large “Dream” disk and my fun charms were the white flower for my love of the outdoors, a flip flop for my love for the beach, sun and flipflops, 2 Stars representing my Scentsy Director promotions, my J for my name and then a blue stone to represent my journey with Origami and the diamond stone because diamonds are a girls best friend. The locket I chose was the large silver crystal locket. It is absolutely amazing and something I will wear every single day.

I am now even more excited to share these lockets with everyone. People comment on my locket, ask what the charms mean. It is so fun to share with them my story and help them build theirs. Everyone needs one of these amazing lockets. It is a forever keep sake that everyone will enjoy. Connect with me today on our Facebook page so we can build your locket.

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