Origami Owl Designers Get to Soar To Success

Origami Owl Designers Get to Soar To Success

What is Soar to Success?

The key to a great start in this industry is getting started right. Origami Owl Designers get to Soar to Success with our quick start program. It is common in direct sales for there to be this type of program but the Origami Owl Soar to Success Program gets me and my team really excited.  Origami Owl® truly is committed to the success of their designers. Soar to Success gives new designers a chance to earn over $450 in jewelry and business supplies during their first 90 days! When I first started in July 2012 Origami Owl did not offer this program! Although I would have loved to have something like this, I am beyond happy that it is not in place for every new designer that comes board. It truly is amazing!

How Soar to Success Works?

  1. All you have to do Sign up to become an Origami Owl® designer today. Join Our Team  
  2. During your first 30 days {your 30 days starts the day after you sign up as a designer! Example you sign up as a designer on Monday your 1-30 days begins on Tuesday} sell $500 in personal volume*  Getting $500 in PV can easily be achieved by hosting your launch jewelry bar® and maybe a second jewelry bar®.
  3. You will earn an assortment of 20 free charms -retail value of $100!

Origami Owl Soar to Success
*What is PV? that is the wholesale amount that you pay Origami Owl®. Designers receive a 50% discount on lockets, dangles & stamped plates and a 30% discount on everything else.

Days 31-60 Prize

Yes, Yes, Yes. There is more when you stay motivated in Month 2.  Sell another $500 PV during your 31-60th day as a designer and you will earn a Large Silver with Crystals locket, 18-20″ rolo chain & a birthstone heart pack for free- retail value of $106!

Origami Owl Soar to Success


Days 61-90 Prize

Are we crazy? No just determined to do whatever we can to help our Origami Owl Designers build their business and live their dreams.

Finally, sell $500 PV during days 61-90 to earn a Small Linen Bust, Large Linen Bust & a $100 Jewelry Gift Certificate!!  Value of $124.

Origami Owl Soar To Success

What else can Origami Owl Designers do to Soar to Success?

When I first started as an Origami Owl Designer, never did  I think sharing this business and having 500 a month in Personal Volume would be as easy as it is. I only had to do 1-2 Jewelry Bars and I was earning more than I actually set out to do. As your mentor and with my amazing team , we make sure you have everything and more to achieve these goals. We want everyone to earn as much as they can to keep money in the bank and ahead. We preach to our team, “Make money, before you spend money.” The Soar to Success Program will help you do just that.

Oh and before I chatter along, yes, there is even more ways to earn Origami Owl goodies. The quickest way to residual income (earning money while you sleep) is to share how amazing this Origami Owl opportunity really is. When you start building a team in the first 3 months, you not only earn great items but you make friendships that you never thought imaginable.

How to achieve the next set of amazing gifts in Soar to Success?

When you personally sponsor 3 new *qualified designers in the first 90 days,, you will also receive the following amazing items: Origami Owl aqua weekender bag, 2 linen trays for displaying jewelry, an Origami Owl business card holder, Origami Owl calculator, Origami Owl branded aqua table cloth & finally an Origami Owl cosmetic bag!! A total retail value of $124. Are your eyes popping open and are you saying WOW yet? I surely did when I saw this. You can sponsor your new team members any time during your first 90 days. You can get all 3 in the first month or all 3 in the last month. You just have to make sure you have sold $500 in PV during each 30 day period during your first 90 days.

Origami Owl Soar to Success


This is an awesome, fun video all about our Origami Owl Soar to Success Program. Take a quick look. I just love this. So….Are you ready to join our team? You will have access to all the resources our team provides such as Social Media Training, Free Graphics, New Designer Training and so much more. Our team is called the Sparkling Hooters and it is truly because they Sparkle and share every ounce of their knowledge and time to our team. So tell me, what questions do you have?? What is holding you back from being your own boss? I was that person that thought I couldn’t do this so if you have any doubts, I would love to chat. Message me at www.Facebook.com/OrigamiOwlbyJilleysue.

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