Origami Owl Waiting List

Origami Owl Waiting List

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Late last year, Origami Owl transitioned from their retail mall location from the mall to the direct sales model, which is selling through independent designers. In less that 2 months, It grew past  the 1000 mark.  From the end of January to Mid March of this year, the growth was insane. There were over 800 plug designers, then 1500 and then Origami Owl made a decision to freeze business mentoring and regroup.  The freeze was announced in March and then OO decided to proceed with a wait list.

I signed up on that wait list back in April. I didn’t know if Origami was going to be for me, but I welcome the opportunity to be on a wait list and think about it.  After much research, loving their story and knowing how much happiness one of these little lockets could bring to so many people’s lives, I knew that this was something for me.

How Many Are Waiting?

Today there are reportedly more than 5000 designers in waiting. My Designer number is 5322 and my current designer in waiting is in the 15000 wave.  That doesn’t mean her id will be 15000 and something. It all depends on how many people actually join but the waiting list is still high. What can happen with this company gets me TRULY excited.

Many new direct sales companies don’t expect the rush of success they receive and are not prepared for what is coming their way.  Quite a few well known new direct sales companies decide to freeze their sponsoring so they can provide the customer service that their new consultants and customers deserve.

The Origami Owl freeze was not put in place for publicity. Some companies unfortunately have done this to get people excited that there is huge amount of people waiting which in turn gets people talking. Everyone seems to want a piece of what others are waiting for but Origami’s freeze was not to create demand but more because there wasn’t enough supply.

Why is there a freeze with Origami Owl?

The Origami Owl freeze was put in place because the charms and lockets became so popular so fast, that there simply wasn’t enough to go around. Customers were waiting for 2-4 weeks for their charms. Just starting out, this is not a good way to get people talking in a good way.  At the same time, it was quite understandable as some Teams were selling over $100,000 in lockets for the month!  So needless to say, demand superseded supply and a freeze needed to be put in place.

With so  much growth came demand for bigger and better infrastructure.  Home office needed to not only get supply up but they also needed to hire the hands to run the the home office, the hands to pack and ship, and get the right training to all new “owl babies.”  A responsible company should not keep “birthing babies” without feeding them and raising them with the culture and values they want to instill in their new ambassadors.  With Origami Owl, there were so many new Designers that they needed to equip then and do so quickly early on, with the company culture and correct message, if they wanted to have a better grasp of the message and branding these new babies were sending out to the public.  All this would not have been possible without a freeze at the rate that Origami Owl was growing.  Growth was occurring exponentially while everything else – such as supply and training – was heading the other way.

And so, Origami froze things to make it a bigger better Origami. We are now in full swing for the holiday season. Wait list emails are being sent out every week  and things are getting back on track. I hear constantly that, “I wish I got in when it was new.”  Well the time is now my friend, the time is new. The risk? $149. The potential? unlimited. Would you like to create stories for people, connect people forever through charms and lockets. It is truly perfect for anyone and makes a perfect gift. Let’s chat about this amazing opportunity.  What do you have to lose. Check us out on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/OrigamiOwlbyJilleysue


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