Origami Owl Welcome Packets

Origami Owl Welcome Packets

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Welcome Packets to New Origami Owl Designers

A warm welcome to our Origami Owl family is super important when new designers start their journey with us. It is important that your new designer get off to great start and I find that when people feel like they are immediately part of a family, they become more engaged, more interactive, more willing to jump in head first and get their business move. Your designer will not only feel supported by you, but she will love the support she gets from the entire team and she will know she has all the resources she needs to get moving before she even gets her kit. There is nothing like Origami Owl Welcome packets….or is there?

Why I don’t do Origami Owl Welcome Packets anymore

Everybody always asks me what I put in my welcome packets. Truth is when you first start in this industry, you want to give your new designers the world. You will fill a folder full of endless printed documents, tons of charts, lists, letters and cards but in all actuality, the folder most probably will end up in the trash. I found that even when I spent countless hours creating these folders, with all the information a new designer could ever need, they would rarely even open anything except the hand written card I sent to them. They absolutely loved the heart felt note and always message me thanking them for welcoming them, but NOTHING about all the documents I sent. Not because they were being rude or didn’t care, but we are living in a digital world people. Even books are digital. Everything every designer could ever need is online. Besides, we want people to look for things online. We want them to know where to go to find information. Why? Because this makes them a stronger, more powerful leaders. They learn in these moments when they are looking for payquicker information or how to enter a jewelry bar with one of corporate’s fabulous videos how much potential they actually have.

We must keep this business simple. That is why we got into it right? That is why I made a change that saved me hours. I stopped doing Origami Owl welcome packets and started doing welcome mail. I decided I would only send what would fit in a small 6 x 4 card envelope, but I would make it the best darn mini mail I could possibly send. No more chats, graphs, checklists, letters, pointers, product information. No more big bulky packages that cost $5.00 to mail. Time to keep things simple and duplicatable. You see, whatever you do in your business for one, you should be able to do for 1000, 10,000 and it should be easy to duplicate by your team. When a new designer first joins, they don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on bubble mailers, printing, stamps and whatever else. If this business isn’t easy, people will quit for the simple fact…they just don’t believe they can do it or they can afford it. Keep it simple. Make everyone see that you don’t have to be big and extravagant to make an impact on someone new. Origami Owl welcome packets that are big and bulky aren’t going to make the difference in your business. Personal connection and attention is what will build your team culture

What I include in my Welcome Mail to New Origami Owl Designers Instead of those BIG Origami Owl welcome packets

You won’t believe how simple this really is. I include 5 things in my Happy Mail. They include:

  • An Origami Owl Welcome Card. I had these created and I printed them at www.vistaprint.com  I get only one sided cards to save money and I write my hand written note on the back.

Origami Owl welcome Card

  • A Jewelry cloth that says never lose your sparkle. It slips right into the envelop and new designers love them

Origami Owl Jewelry Cloth

  • The same printed card, I had made into a magnet at www.vistaprint.com I send these for various milestones and pick me ups. My team collects them through out their journey.

Business Magnet

  • My Origami Owl business card. Always drop a business card inside so that your new designer has your information. She’ll have a lot of questions and you certainly want to set up those one on ones.

Origami Owl business cards

  • One of the Origami Owl bubble magnets. These come in packages of 5 in our back office. I used glue dots and simply attached one to my welcome card.

Origami Owl supplies

My new designers absolutely love this happy mail. Its simple, quick and easy. They aren’t bombarded by a full binder full of information which will cause them to feel overwhelmed or even worse thinking, “How can I build a team, I dont’ know how to do all this.” With Happy Welcome Mail, they can see how simple it is and they get excited to help welcome their first new designer immediately.

I would love to hear about what you put in your welcome packets or if you want one of these fabulous little envelopes in the mail than let’s chat about you Joining my Team. Click here to read more about your own Origami Owl business. 

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